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January 23, 2006

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Weekly Booking Report
Bookings of the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office

All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law
Arresting agency ECSO = Edgefield County Sheriff's Office; JPD= Johnston Police Department;  EPD= Edgefield Police Department; TPD= Trenton Police Department; SCHP= South Carolina Highway Patrol

Jan 16
Christopher Lee Stephenson, 34; Driving under suspension, open container, driving under the influence, SCHP

Jan 17
Jean Marie Boatwright-Jackson, 37; Forgery, ECSO

Patricia Ann Boatwright, 41; Simple assault and battery, EPD

Jan 18
James Edward Badger, 49; Driving under suspension – 3rd offense, SCHP

Wyatt Ernest Wanniger, 48; Pedestrian drunk, ECSO

Jan 19
Michael Lorenzo Washington, 29; Driving under suspension, JPD

Selena Meeks Calliham, 70; Forgery, less than $5,000, EPD

Otis James Richardson III, 26; Criminal domestic violence, ECSO

Carroll Brown, 50; Trespassing after notice, EPD

Robbie Burke Finney, 42; Driving under suspension- 3rd offense, JPD

Jan 20
Johnny James Fuller, 46; Gross intoxication, JPD

Jason Berry, 26; General Sessions’s bench warrant, ECSO

William W. Hartman, 46; Prisoner with contraband, possession by a prisoner, furnishing, attempt, conspiracy to obtain a controlled substance (2 counts), SLED

Thomas Henderson Jr., 36; Criminal domestic violence, ECSO

Jan 21
Alvin Markitch Stevens, 26; Shoplifting less than $1,000, ECSO/JPD

Kavin Durant, 24; Disregarding a stop sign, seat belt violation, SCHP

Kathy Williams Key, 51; Fraudulent check less than $500, ECSO

Rhett Jennings Parkman, 22; Driving under the influence, SCHP

Jan 22
Johnny Robinson, 76; Simple assault and battery, ECSO

Mattie Lou Phillips, 48; Simple assault and battery, breach of peace, JPD

Michelle Edward, 22; Check fraud/ stop payment less than $500, 2 counts, ECSO

Jan 23
David Michael McDonald, 33; Malicious injury to property less than $1,000, entering premises after notice, ECSO

Patricia Gail McDonald; Malicious injury to property less than $1,000, entering premises after notice, unlawful use of a telephone, ECSO

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