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March 23, 2005

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Arrest Reports

web posted March 23, 2005
Bookings of the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office

March 15
Erica  Niale Minick, 24; Attempt/conspiracy to obtain a controlled substance.

Marvin Martin, 30; 3 counts manufacture/ distribution/ possession of crack cocaine. 2 counts distribution of crack cocaine in the proximity of a school.

March 17
Taisha Angella Harrison, 30; Simple assault/ no battery

Tabatha Marshall, 31; Simple assault/ no battery

Arsenia Mealing, 22;  Magistrate bench warrant.

Johnny Marshall Jr., 27; Fraudulent check

James Ken Allen, 53; Magistrate bench warrant

Martha Lovette, 32; Fraudulent check

George Lett, 36; Magistrate bench warrant

Alicia Hall, 28 Malicious injury to personal property/ less than $1000.00.

March 18
Kenneth Thomas, 31;  DUI, second offense

Vanessa Pearl Williams, 23; Criminal domestic violence.

Roshelle Mealing, 28; Criminal domestic violence.

Jerome Alexander Morton; Simple possession / marijuana, third offense

Alicia Jeanne Hall, 28; Stalking

March 19
Emily Daniel, 39; Criminal domestic violence

James Scott, 40;  Assault and battery

Charles Taylor, 35; Malicious injury to personal property/ less than $1000.00

Robert Allen Davis, 31; Breach of trust

Georgia Lee Long, 57; Intimidation

March 20
Cecil Arnell Holmes, 37; Speeding, operating an uninsured vehicle, improper display of vehicle license.

Luke Jones, 46; Assault and battery, simple possession

Terry Bernard Holmes, 34; Violation of ABC law, DUI

March 21
Dennis Hart, 49; Driving under suspension, DUI, simple possession/ marijuana.

Stacy Johnson, 28; 2 counts/ Family Court

Darrell Phillips, 31; Probation violation.

Barry Jacob Smith, 21; Magistrate bench warrant

Derrick Washington, 25; General Sessions Sentence.

Mario Jermaine Taylor, 29; General Sessions Sentence.

Ricky Martin Kirk, 20: General Sessions Sentence.

March 22
Willie Anthony Moton, 29: General Sessions Sentence.

Johnathan Brian Marshall, 19; General Sessions Sentence.

Laticia Tomeka Singleton, 21;  General Sessions Sentence.

Ivan Oneal Minick, 20; General Sessions Sentence.

Horace Antonio Williams, 17; General Sessions Sentence.

Peter Andrew Demeter, 55; 3 counts shoplifting/ less than $500.00

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