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All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
An arrest only represents one side of the parties involved and is not to be construed as an admission of guilt by any person listed in the reports.

Crime Blotter
Agencies - ECSO: Edgefield County Sheriff's Office, EPD: Edgefield Police Department, JPD: Johnston Police Department, SCHP: SC Highway Patrol

web posted June 26, 2012
June 11
Edward Michael Harris, 29; Magistrate Court bench warrant, Hold for other agency, ECSO

Patrick M. Parks, 29; Magistrate Court sentence, ECSO

June 12
James Franklin Wilson, 56; Trespassing, Receiving stolen goods, EPD

Nicholas Robert Matott, 23; Probation violation

Pamela Denise Diles, 56; Manufacturer / Distribution of methamphetamine, 2nd offense, ECSO

June 13
Rachael Nicole Landers, 21; Assault and battery in the third degree, ECSO

Patrick Ryan Hadden, 31; Magistrate Court sentence, ECSO

Press Elam, 72; Forgery, ECSO

Samantha C. Laughlin, 26; Hold for Probation, SCDPPS

Jimmy Cordero, 29; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Gerri Lynn Johnston, 32; Shoplifting x 2, Receiving stolen goods, ECSO

Benjamine Dorn, 24; ABC violation, reckless driving, ECSO

Debra Curry Dozie, 50; Assault and battery in the third degree, ECSO

June 14
Tyrone Anthony Key, 59; Assault and battery in the third degree, ECSO

Kevin Forrest Woodward, 31; Criminal domestic violence 2nd offense, ECSO

Michael Stephen Longtin, 21; Purchase of tobacco for minors, ECSO

Ronald Lee Merriweather, 61; DUI, ABC violation, EPD

June 15
Jacob Shaw, Jr., 63; Gambling, ECSO

Christopher Eric Barkley, 19; Gambling, ECSO

Nicholas Chad Cockrell, 25; General Sessions court bench warrant, ECSO

Charles Anthony Shields, 30; Criminal domestic violence, ECSO

June 16
Fidel O. Herrena, 23; Disorderly conduct, ECSO

Larry D. Nathaniel, 52; Driving under suspension, ABC violation, improper vehicle tag,
Failure to register vehicle, operating uninsured vehicle, DUI, ECSO

Kelvin Nicholson, 28; Attempt murder, possession of weapon during commission of a crime, EPD

June 17
David D. Strong, Jr., 31; Open container, Disorderly conduct, ECSO

Aaron J. Carpenter, 23; Criminal domestic violence, JPD

Arthur S Haun, 43; No South Carolina drivers license, too fast for conditions, SCHP

June 18
Tonyo Brown, 25; Fraudulent checks, EPD

Linwood Coleman, 50; Bench Warrant, JPD

June 19
William L. Padgett, 43; Family Count bench warrant, ECSO

Michael G. Jones, 39; Speeding 65 / 45, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension, improper tag, ECSO

Dakota E. Farrow, 18; Assault and battery in the third degree, ECSO

Ian M. Theil, 37; Manufacturer of marijuana, Simple possession marijuana, Child neglect, ECSO

Cameron S. Dyches, 21; Probation violation, SCDPPPS

Dean T. Abbott, 46; Fraudulent checks x 8, ECSO

June 20
Kimberly A. Shelley, 38; Manufacturer marijuana, Child neglect, ECSO

June 21
Joe C. Trull, 46; Criminal domestic violence, ECSO

William E. Singletary, 48; Fraudulent checks, ECSO

Brandon V. Peters, 23; Simple larceny, ECSO

Tommy J. Perkins, Jr., 23; Hold for other agency, ECSO

June 22
Dedrick B. Hardy, 31; Hold for Florida, EPD

Jeffery J. Weaver, Sr., 44; Driving under suspension 2nd offense, ECSO

June 24
Ensenio R. Posey, 23; Driving under suspension, SCHP

Benjamin P. Beckler, 29; Driving under suspension, Speeding 71 / 45, ECSO

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