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Weekly Booking Report
Bookings of the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office

Updated Every Tuesday

All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
An arrest only represents one side of the parties involved and is not to be construed as an admission of guilt by any person listed in the reports.

Web posted July 24, 2007

July 16
April Nichole Duncan, 23; Driving with an expired driver’s license, no driver’s license in possession, seatbelt violation, SCHP

Ebbie Stevens Jr.; Magistrate Court bench warrant, SCHP

July 17
Marquel Campos Romero, 21; DUI, no valid SC drivers license, altering vehicle license, failure to register a vehicle, operating an uninsured vehicle, operating an unsafe vehicle, SCHP

Wendall Alexander Williams, 21; Driving under suspension, violation of beginners permit, seatbelt violation, SCHP

Sandra Marie White, 59; General Sessions Court bench warrant, ECSO

Shannon Woody Hicks, 35; Parole violation, ECSO

Shaurail Labreck McEachin, 37; custody order, ECSO

July 18
William Trey Freeman, 57; DUI, open container, no proof of insurance, SCHP

Leon Simpkins, 50; Disorderly conduct, littering, ECSO

Robert L. Toole, 25; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Latoya D. Patrick, 32; bench warrant, ECSO

Willie Albert Carter, 46; Magistrate Court bench warrant, giving false statement to police, EPD

Frank D. Oliphant, 17; Disorderly conduct, simple possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance schedule l – V, manufacture or distribution of cocaine based drugs, distribution of crack cocaine within the proximity of a school or park, 2 counts, EPD

Bridgette Alexandria Rouse, 25; two counts of assault and battery, ECSO

July 19
Jay Barren Wright, 31; Grand larceny less than $5,000, burglary second degree, nonviolent, ECSO

Victoria Nicole Jackson, 20; Filing a false report of a misdemeanor violation, EPD

Frank Bibbs, 41; Grand larceny greater than $1,000 but less than $5,000, ECSO

July 20
Ann Williams, 40; Probation violation, SCDPPPS

Adolfo Govea Victoriano, 30; No drivers license, failure to use turn signal, ECSO

Moody Lowman Jr., 54; Disorderly conduct, ECSO

Pedro Alarcon Hernandez, 25; failure to use turn signal, no drivers license, ECSO

Antonio McHale Mathis, 22; Probation violation, SCDPPPS

Pete Anthony Sherlock, 32; General Sessions Court bench warrant, SCDPPPS

Michael Ford, 21; Probation violation, SCDPPPS

Robert Solomon Certain, 35; Possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, ECSO

Henry Weston Posey, 50; Driving under suspension, not for DUI, third or more violation, EPD

Renee Norris, 45; No SC drivers license, custody order, ECSO

July 21
Edward L. Ewart, 48; Open container, EPD

Stacy Anthony Daniels, 39; Disorderly conduct, JPD

Leonandize Maurice Blake, 29; Simple possession of marijuana, no drivers license, ECSO

Timothy Patterson Deal, 41; DUI, EPD

Fidel Zamora Aquilar, 49; Driving left of center, no SC drivers license, second offense, ECSO

Terry Santel Wilson, 28; No SC drivers license, JPD

Linda Faye Todd, 49; Simple assault and battery, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, ECSO

July 22
Gregory Arnold Aiken, 40; Simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension, not for DUI, ECSO

Steve Louis Harris, 39; Simple possession of marijuana, ECSO

Ricky Dean New, 42; Pubic drunk, possession of stolen property less than $1,000, ECSO

Terry East, 29; Disorderly conduct, simple assault and battery, two counts, ECSO

Ramiro H. Pacheco, 27; No SC drivers license, SCHP

Fidel Rodrigez Jimenez, 22; open container, ECSO

Miguel Angel Pegueros-Aquilar, 32; Open container, ECSO

Antonio Pegueros Lexva, 32; Open container, ECSO

Afrain Rios Torres, no age given, DUI, open container, ECSO

Jose Alberto Soto, no age given, Altering a vehicle licesne plate, DUI, no valisd SC drivers license, open container, failure to register vehicle, SCHP

Curtis Minick Jr., 50; Magistrate Court sentence, JPD

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