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Bookings of the Edgefield County Sheriff's Office & Detention Center

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All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
An arrest only represents one side of the parties involved and is not to be construed as an admission of guilt by any person listed in the reports.

Crime Blotter
Agencies - ECSO: Edgefield County Sheriff's Office, EPD: Edgefield Police Department, JPD: Johnston Police Department, SCHP: SC Highway Patrol

web posted September 16, 2015

Aug 29
Johnny Jones, Jr., Domestic Violence 3rd degree, JPD

Aug 31
Walter Lyde Morris, II, B/M, 40; Hold General Sessions, SCDC

Shaun Ryan Johnson, W/M, 31; EPD

Erica Sherell Coleman, B/F, 30; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Jasper Bearguard Holly, W/M, 31

Eric Lyndell Priester, B/M, 40; General Sessions Court bench warrant, EPD

Randall Carson Poss, W/M, 41; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Sep 1
Olin Barnes, Jr., B/M, 54; Possession less than 1 gram of methamphetamine, JPD

Johnathan Troy Gibson, B/M, 29; Simple possession of marijuana, ECSO

Sep 2
Moriana Lomax, B/F, 18; Family Court bench warrant, ECSO

Akira Jefferson, B/F, 23; Bench warrant, JPD

Larry Anthony Harrelson, W/M, 38; Disorderly conduct, ECSO

Pentrae Sharee Murdaugh, B/F, 26; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Sep 3
Michael McKelvin, B/M, 52; Domestic Violence, EPD

Jeremy Simpkins, B/M, 28; Probation Violation

Patrick Tyler Moulton, W/M, 25; Probation Violation

Johnny Marshall Lee, Jr., B/M, 37; Fraudulent check warrant x5; ECSO

Sharon Parker Denise, B/F, 55; General Sessions Court sentence

Sep 4
Tremendence Key Ladale, B/M, 31; Magistrate Court bench warrant

Tyrone Pixley, B/M, 44; DUI 1st, JPD

Amanda Jacobs, W/F, 30; DUI 1st, JPD

Meghan Leigh Mims, W/F, 23; Burglary 3rd degree, First offense, ECSO

Cedric Culbreath, B/M, 27; Posession weapon during crime, Armed Robbery, ECSO

Eddie Smith, Jr., W/M, 26; Uninsured Motorist 1st, Driving under suspension 4th, SCHP

Tyouon Tyrell Joseph Butler, Jr., B/M, 19; Possession weapon during violent crime, Armed Robbery, ECSO

Sep 5
Antonio Hillary, B/M, 33; Magistrate Court bench warrant, Driving under suspension not for DUI 2nd, Open Container, Reckless Driving, EPD

Timothy Ervins, B/M, 47; DUI, SCHP

Larry Donnell Nathaniel, B/M, 55; Assault and battery in the third degree, Malicious injury to animals, ECSO

Walter Ronald Boulware, W/M, 43; DUI, SCHP

Sep 6
Wallace Roger Rucker, B/M, 48; Kidnapping, Domestic Violence 2nd degree, ECSO

Jeffery Obrian Jones, B/M, 31; Domestic violence 3rd degree, EPD

Melissa Eve Lathan-Stevens, W/F, 45; General Sessions Court bench warrant, ECSO

Sep 7
Charles Marion Randolf, W/M, 43; ECSO

Christopher Edward Bennett, W/M, 42; ECSO

Larry Stevens, B/M, 60; Domestic Violence 2nd degree, ECSO

Frances Dianne Hardenman, W/F, 41; Trespassing after warning, ECSO

Sep 8
Dustin Stuart Reynolds, W/M, 31; Domestic Violence 3rd degree, ECSO

Richard Dequincy Broadwater, Jr., B/M, 21; General Sessions Court sentence, ECSO

Courtney Jarayl Brown, B/M, 33; Assault and battery in the third degree, EPD

William Thomas Overstreet, W/M, 47; General Sessions Court sentence, ECSO

Sep 9
Russell Stanley Sawyer, W/M, 57; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Collette Coleman, B/F, 32; Kidnapping / Burglary 1st degree, Common-law strong arm robbery / conspiracy, JPD

Freddie Lee Howard, B/M, 53; Kidnapping / Burg 1st degree, Common-law strong arm robbery / conspiracy, JPD

Lesa Ann Bletcher, B/F, 49; Burglary 1st, Robbery common law strong arm / kidnapping, JPD

Sep 10
Tyrone Christopher Scott, B/M, 29; Domestic Violence 3rd degree, ECSO

Shirwanda Etheredge, B/F, 37; Magistrate Court bench warrant, SCHP

Jimmy Tyrone Merriweather, B/M, 19; Resisting arrest; Larceny less than $2000, EPD

Daniel Flenoid Morton, B/M, 23; Simple possession marijuana, EPD

Sep 11
Travis Ronald Redmond, W/M, 26; Manufacturer/Possession drugs of schedule IV, ECSO

Bryson Tanner Holsonback, W/M, 20; Discharging Firearm into dwelling, ECSO

Jimmy Ralph Dale Glover, B/M, 42; Assault and battery in the third degree, Disorderly conduct, EPD

Christopher Dale Gray, W/M, 22; Weapons Discharging of a firearm, ECSO

Sep 12
Benjamin Paul Beckler, W/M, 32; Driving under suspension 3rd, Failure to stop for bluelight, ECSO

Lauren Nicole Burroughs, W/F, 24; Disorderly conduct, ECSO

Cleveland Malik Johnson, B/M, 18; Disorderly conduct, Assault and battery in the second degree, JPD

Deloise Ann Gallman, B/F, 52; Disorderly conduct, JPD

Sep 13
Jeffery Whittaker, W/M, 48; DUI, Driving under suspension, SCHP

Marvin Clarence Johnson, B/M, 51; ABC violation, Open Container, JPD

Willie Thomas Key, Jr., B/M, 55; ABC violation, JPD

Sep 14
Jaime Fuento Rene, B/M, 52; Domestic Violence

Sep 15
Britt Jacob Anderson, W/M, 18; Unlawful use of telephone, ECSO

Demario Stallone Jordan, B/M, 30; Magistrate Court bench warrant, ECSO

Andrea Zahner, W/F, 38; General Sessions Court bench warrant, ECSO

Ivin Jamaal Burton, B/M, 33; Driving under suspension, DUI 2nd, JPD

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