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2008 primaries: Voting to be slaves or citizens

A Column by the Editor
web posted January 2, 2008
COLUMN – 2008 is here and the presidential candidates are spending money like it grows on lobbyists trees (which for most it does) trying to convince voters they are “the” candidate deserving of your vote in the primaries. I have never seen a bigger bunch of liars, fakes, and selfish egomaniacs than I see in the candidates running on both sides of the isle. Sometimes I think we would get a better president if we opened a phone book and threw a dart at the page to choose.

On the Democrat ticket the front-runners are trying to see who can sell socialism in the grandest plan. Free everything – healthcare, welfare, childcare, you name it. I have to remind myself they are running for president of the United States and not France.

First there is Hillary Clinton, the most despised and polarizing figure in politics. She touts her “experience” but the only experience she has in leadership is demeaning Uniformed Service members relegated to acting as busboys and slandering the young girls her husband, former President Bill Clinton, couldn’t stop sleeping around with.  

Of course, even though they were proven true she claims it was all a “huge right-wing conspiracy”. Sorry, I just can’t get behind the biggest liar that stood by the second biggest liar in politics.

Barrak Obama, ah, he is the only person closer to pure Marxism than Hillary. He claims to want change, but in reality the only change he, Hillary, and John Edwards wants is for you to become more dependant upon them and the government they control in order to exist. 

Elect me and let me hold the title to your healthcare, your energy needs, your very existence. No thanks. Not a single candidate on the Democrat ticket supports individual reliance.

It is not any better when you look at most of the Republicans.

John McCain, who votes more like his liberal counterparts on the Democrat ticket, espouses he deserves to be in the White House because … well, honestly I have no clue why he thinks he deserves it other than he thinks he “deserves” it for acting like a Democrat.

Rudy Giuliani at least has experience in leading as Mayor of New York during 9-11. However, he can’t escape his New York ties which carries about as much weight in the South as a minnow basket carries water once lifted out of the river. Rudy’s twists and turns from past positions are only eclipsed by the number of Botox shots Hillary gets every day to keep people from seeing what a dried up old hag she is.

Then there is Ron Paul. There is a candidate that I actually agree with more than I disagree with, but he does not have the best interest of the Untied States at heart and forgets that the country is made up of 50 free and sovereign states. He appears to be a coward when it comes to taking the fight to the Islamic terrorists and wants to draw his head into a shell like a turtle when he sees a problem.

If he loses the primaries I look for him to become a candidate on the Libertarian ticket which will get him nowhere.

Mitt Romney has as many excuses as Carter’s has pills for his ever changing positions. Nothing genuine there.

The only two real candidates are Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson. Huckabee at least has led a state as governor and is willing to support disposing of the IRS by passing the Fair Tax. The only people that oppose the Fair Tax are those who make money sucking up to politicians to command greater control over the real taxpayer.

It is Huckabee’s stand on the Fair Tax that has driven him to be the number one candidate on the Republican ticket, even though the press refuses to admit it. Proving once again that the people are far better informed than the liberal national media on what matters most.

Fred Thompson, now there is one thing that draws me to him… he says he really does not know if he wants to be president. That is a plus in my book. He understands State’s Rights, he has no reason to become president because he is already set for life, and he does not owe anyone any favors for being elected.

So as the South Carolina Primary draws near please keep in mind that you have a choice; surrender freedom for false security (slavery) or vote to protect State’s Rights and individual freedom.

The item I would most like to see a candidate get behind is the repeal of the 17th Amendment, returning our US Senate to the formula designed by the Founding Fathers to protect State’s Rights.

Whom should you vote for? That is up to you. Do you want to retain freedom or surrender your life to your elected leader? The election of 2008 will determine if you want to be the slave of others or the master of your own future.

Please choose wisely.

Have an opinion? Send it to the Wandering Minds, the only anonymous online bulletin board available to Edgefield County.

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