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Kill the dollar to kill America

A Column by the Editor
web posted January 5, 2009
COLUMN – While Democrats eagerly await the coronation of their messiah, Barack Obama, later this month, the media and the people just close their eyes to the ensuing collapse of our once great nation. I have made no bones about my political opposition to the United States of America having a hard-line Marxist, who refuses to prove he is even an American citizen, lead our nation to its grave. As the economy is tanking, Obama and his fellow “hate America first” Democrats in Congress, seem hell bent in bringing about our end. 

It would be amusing, if it were not so frightening, to see the national media and Democrats spew their hate of President Bush as the most “unpopular president ever” when the Democrat controlled Congress would have to quadruple their approval ratings to come close to matching the President’s. But the liberal Democrats and their propaganda arm, known as the national media, care little about facts, just sound bites.

The fact is that the course we are on, primarily by design, is to see our Capitalistic economy ruined and the insertion of socialism - if not outright Marxism - to overthrow our once great Republic in a coup d'état lead by the most liberal President-elect in history and socialist Democrats. 

“Bailout” is the key they are using. A Trillion dollars for the banks the government forced to make loans to people that had no business getting them, all in the name of “fairness”. Billions of dollars going to automakers who will not use the money to make cars cheaper. No, all that money will go to the United Auto Workers Union (UAW), in order to bailout their unsustainable wages and benefits. Democrat governors are already getting in line for at least a trillion dollar bailout of their states. Why is it that places controlled by Democrats are always unable to sustain themselves?

Though not even in office yet, Barack Obama, along with his fellow liberal Democrats, want to insert at least another Trillion dollars in an “economic recovery package”, otherwise known as give-aways to people who have never paid taxes to begin with.

Before all is said and done, the federal government will be doling out almost a quarter of our nation’s entire Gross Domestic Product in new money, which will devalue our already shrinking dollar.   

The uneducated will see this as a great thing. After all, it’s free money from the government. The educated among us know that the government does not make money; it takes it by force from those who work and are self-sufficient.

Mr. Obama is saying he is going to do all these things and still bring tax cuts to “95% of working Americans”. Let me go on the record now to call him a liar. Already the amount of money created to pay for these “bailouts” equals our entire $2.73 trillion dollar federal budget (2007). Not to mention that revenues for the federal government at the same time was only $2.56 trillion, or a $200 billion deficit.

Any thinking person knows you cannot spend your way out of debt, maybe somebody needs to explain that to Congress and Mr. Obama.

Within twenty years it will take our entire $2.73 trillion budget just to pay for Social Security, welfare, Medicare, and prescription drugs leaving none for national defense, infrastructure, or other necessary government functions. It is interesting to note that the entitlement expenditures are not supported by the constitution and are not a constitutional function of the federal government.

Yes, I can see tax cuts coming down the pipe, can’t you?

The truth is the problems we are facing now are because of government intervention in the free market in the first place. Inserting more of what caused the problems is not going to fix it; it will only make it worse. But that is the Democrats plan.

To better understand how our monetary system works please read this column by the editor from 2005 and how it relates to what is taking place today.


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