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Obama: The wrong prescription for America's ills

A Column by the Editor
web posted January 20, 2009
COLUMN – While all the world will be glued to their TV’s today to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama as intently as they do their other passions - American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Entertainment Tonight - you can count me out of one of those who will be mesmerized and hanging on every word. I will be working, as will a majority of the half of Americans who did not vote for Obama. To me it is just another day, though I will admit that it does have very important significance.

That significance is not Mr. Obama being the first biracial president. I could care less about the color of one’s skin pigment. No, what matters to me is his ideology, beliefs, and intentions and I cannot find one of Mr. Obama’s that I can line up behind.

This is a sad time for America because of our future president stating he chose his friends carefully and admitted almost all were Marxists, communist, or socialists. Because of the left-wing major news media making sure Mr. Obama is treated like a rock star and their biased claims of him being “too big to fail”, it just scares me even more. He has even named those who are members of such parties as cabinet members. I feel all warm and fuzzy already.

The best thing for America would be a failed Obama Presidency. His plans and first order of business is to expand the federal government, increase our national debt to heights never seen, and increase the burden of paying for it all on the backs of the 40% of Americans that actually pay taxes meaning the 60% who don’t pay taxes get a free check from those who do work and pay taxes.

His stimulus plan is already topping $1 trillion dollars and will go to the promise of the “redistributing the wealth” by giving the money to people who do not stimulate the economy. Will it go to small business owners who provide jobs? No, they are too “rich”. Will it go to the private sector? No, that does not increase government power. Will it go to increase “entitlements” and other government growing areas? Yes.

Obama’s promise to create jobs is also suspect. The only jobs government can create are government jobs or a very limited number in the private sector that would be only temporary. The last thing this country needs is more government workers and bureaucracy that will not go away and “temporary jobs” do not produce any sustainable “stimulus” to our economy. It will actually do the opposite and deepen the recession into a depression.

Do not take my word for it, just take a look out how well President Bush and his collaborators in the Democrat controlled Congress did with the TARP “bailout” for financial institutions. Are the financial institutions any better off? Hardly.

Almost all of the banks given the money are in worse shape today after the influx of our tax dollars. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, government controlled banks that caused the financial meltdown to begin with, should have been forced to close, other banks should have also failed and their assets sold off to the highest bidder. The only thing the “bailout” has done is weakened the US dollar and prolonged the inevitable. That blame lies with President Bush, the Democrats, and spineless Republicans in Congress.

So Obama wants to start out his first 100 days with more of the same failed policies. In fact, Obama’s spokespeople have even said they are considering a US Government Bank. After all, the federal government tinkering in the banking industry with Fannie and Freddie did such wonders for our financial markets to begin with so why not expand that vast knowledge the government has in running banks.

Why, government, and especially one run by Obama, is just “too big to fail”.

But fail it will. And the cost of that failure will be devastating to our Republic. However, it will provide the perfect opportunity for the insertion of Obama’s true political beliefs, Marxism.

He will stand before a poor and battered nation and proclaim that the free market has failed the people of America. He will proclaim that the government intervention into the private sector was to save it, not destroy it, though in the end that is what will have happened. He will boldly state that it is up to the people of America to take responsibility and endure the suffering (caused by government’s screw-ups though he will leave out that part).

He will speak continually focusing on “the worker”, a mainstay phrase of the Communist and Socialist Parties in America. He will not mention the people who spent their lives building companies he will tax out of business that provided the vast majority of jobs in America. No, they will be demonized as the “evil rich” and “greedy”.

He will make promises of lifting up the “worker” and the “poor” (Google Karl Marx). Well, unless he pays for that on his own personal salary (which I seriously doubt) he is talking about you supporting others with your tax dollars. To those who enjoy drinking games, take a swig every time he says “fair” or “fairness” in his $175 million party to become president (more than the last three presidents combined). On second thought, don’t, you might die from alcohol poisoning.

He will talk extensively on improving race relations while he summarily dismantles decades of progress. He will pit one group against the other, one class against the other, and in the end, the races against one another. Change is what he promised and he will deliver on that promise. All the while focusing on increasing his power to nourish his own narcissism.

He will speak on nationality yet never mention statehood. He will countless times mention democracy and never go near pointing out our Republic. He will pose as the great deliverer and be the one that enslaves.

Yes, Barack Obama will join the ranks of those other world leaders who had such a narcissistic disorder and wrote their biography while they were nobodies. Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin did the same. Even when given a book deal after becoming the first biracial president of the Harvard Law Review, he was given a huge advance to write on race relations. Obama could not find it possible; instead he wrote on such an august person such as himself and called the book “Dreams of my father” who he hardly knew.

Will I be one of those gawking at the TV screen, reaping my soul and servitude to him? When hell freezes over. He may be the president of the United States of America, but I am a South Carolinian first. My duty and loyalties are to God and family first then community, county, area, then state. Nationality comes last.

Moreover, I will certainly not be a grand follower of a follower of “Rev” Jeremiah Wright who preached racism and hate towards the whites and Jews for twenty years with Obama in his congregation.

Yes, just as in the Wizard of Oz, “Ignore that man behind the curtain”. Ignore his mentors, his ideological teachers and friends including those who bombed our own government buildings killing innocent Americans. Ignore the corruption that bathes his entire existence in government. Ignore everything because he is the chosen one.

As Martin Luther King so poignantly stated, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Indeed I adhere to his wise words. As such I have seen and judged Barack Obama on the “content of his character” and found it severely lacking in sustenance, honesty, integrity, and truth. 

I would never have lined up to drink the Kool-Aid offered by the white Jim Jones and I certainly will not line up to drink it when it is offered by Barack Obama, the Democrats, and Republicans, who are more concerned with their own political existence than their service to our Constitutional Republic. 

I, as an individual, am mentioned in the founding documents, they and their parties are not.


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