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A Column by the Editor
More states rebuke National ID, feds to ask: "your papers please" for local travel

web posted February 5, 2007

COLUMN – Every day it seems the federal government is flexing its restrictive muscles more and more towards an imperial type of government, something the Founding Fathers sought to prevent with the Constitution. Recent surveys have shown that those educated in government schools largely believe government gives rights to the people. Rights are granted by “The Creator” (God) and are enumerated as off limits to the government. Now the federal government wants a national drivers license so they can keep an eye on you. In effect, the historically rebuffed national ID card.

Maine has already passed a resolution to say they will not adhere to the imperial mandate and now other states, including Georgia, are following suit. I hope South Carolina, America’s “freest state”, will join the ranks of those fighting to keep states rights the backbone of freedom.

Little by little the federal government is hacking away at our basic freedoms, including the right to travel across this great nation without being stopped by federal agents asking “your papers please” as if we were in Nazi Germany. But that is exactly what the Real ID Act of 2005 does. A law that was passed by Congress with little or no media attention that demands all states abide by a federal drivers license by May of 2008. Failure to follow the mandate will result in people being unable to board airplanes or enter some federal buildings.

Excuse me, just when did our federal government become the master of all our lives and freedoms? The Constitution does not grant the federal government powers, it limits the governments power over we the people. Even scarier is that the Constitution clearly says that any “right” not listed belongs to the states and the people respectively. Not anymore, our federal legislators feel they need to take our rights in order to protect us. Until someone can show me where the Founding Fathers delineated drivers licenses to the federal government I personally will refuse to abide by the law and urge our Governor and State Legislators to defend that right.

Already the right to bare arms which, “shall not be infringed”, has been whittled away to registrations, licenses, and a wide array of other limitations. I firmly believe any gun or weapon my government does not want me to have, I need two of them. That is the reason the second amendment was put in place. An armed society is not only a “polite society” but also one that can rise up and toss off an imperial or tyrannical government. That too is enumerated in our founding documents.

I know many will find that politically incorrect, but political correctness is the tool of communist and leftists in America. It is the polite lies used by the left and the media to control the subjects of the imperial kingdom they believe exists in America by controlling thought, speech, and removing individualism.

Our Founding Fathers collectively agreed with the reasoning that anyone freely surrendering a right granted by God in exchange for security will result in having neither.

I hope Gov. Mark Sanford and the South Carolina Legislature will defend freedom and our state’s rights in South Carolina. Our state and nation are built on the rule of law and the fact government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not of the government, by the government, and for the government.

I urge everyone to contact your state representatives and demand they protect our God given rights. If they will not, it is then incumbent on “the people” to remove those who would steal them away by unconstitutional laws from any position of power within the government.

Many years ago I read a book by Claire Wolfe titled “101 things to do ‘till the revolution”. Though I have long since lost my copy of the original underground book, now in its fourth printing, I have never forgotten the opening line, "America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." I firmly believe that has never been truer than it is today. Everyday our federal government proves they are out of control and drunk with power.

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