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Would somebody please tell County Councilman Norman Dorn to shut up?

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 6, 2008
COLUMN – If I were a resident of the Northside County Council District I believe, no I know, I would move so that thinking people would not relate me to having the most ignorant, uneducated, and asinine county councilman that ever held a seat on the county council. Granted, Merriwether’s former councilman Danny Bishop always gave Norman Dorn a run for his money for that dubious distinction, but at least Merriwether voted Bishop out only to have Fox Creek Charter High School embrace him. Make what you will of that.

However, every single month the meetings of the county council are always prolonged by Mr. Dorn rambling on about some personal problem he has be it being found guilty in a Magistrate Court case or being notified by the Town of Edgefield that his property is in need of being cleaned up or face fines.

Mr. Dorn does not want answers; he just wants to ramble on with unintelligible conversation that leaves the entire audience and council members shaking their heads trying to figure out what the heck he is talking about.

To top it off, Mr. Dorn is a former educator. That speaks volumes about the educational standards in Edgefield County. Mr. Dorn could not string a cognitive thought together in proper English if his life depended on it. Sometimes I wish it did.

This idiot is an embarrassment to Edgefield County and especially to those living in the Northside District he represents.

Norman Dorn will grandstand for those he invites to the meetings from the black community with the most ridiculous, ignorant, and asinine comments. He berates other council members, the Chairman, the county attorney, and any white constituent from his district that challenges his views. When others try to offer answers to the few intelligible questions he asks he says he does not need to hear from them because “I have the floor”.

Almost all of his rants have absolutely nothing to do with county business and has no business being allowed in the meetings to waste the time of taxpayers who attend the county council meetings to become informed. In fact, anyone who listens to this moron for more than five seconds lowers his or her IQ by 40 points. Simply having an IQ of 40 points would be an improvement for Mr. Dorn.

I blame Chairman Kneece for a large portion of this ongoing idiocy because he allows the “Norman Dorn Show” to continue each month. Chairman Kneece is responsible for conducting the county council meetings in an orderly fashion and when Norman Dorn wants to show is arse the chairman should gavel him down. If Dorn refuses to yield, have his ignorant butt put out of the meeting. I am sure that Chairman Kneece would receive a half-hour standing ovation if he did so by those attending the meetings.

Of course with the budget meetings beginning next month Mr. Dorn will begin his annual ritual of inviting every member of black churches in his district to attend the first two readings of the county budget where he will rant for half an hour telling “his people” how the money the council is spending is not the council’s money it is “the people’s money,” drawing the annual “amen’s” by the packed house, and then voting against passing the budget.

Of course he fails to invite the same people to the only vote that counts, the third reading, (I wonder if his followers even know there are three readings) where he votes to pass the budget he so ardently opposes in the first two votes.

It is a shame that the Northside District has had intelligent challengers to Mr. Dorn’s seat, both black and white, that are defeated by the ignorant followers of the brainless Norman Dorn. And then Mr. Dorn has to question why his district falls so far behind the rest of the county?

Well, the answer is simple, stupid is as stupid does.

Until the Northside District takes a hint from the Merriwether District, who ran off their village idiot only to flourish, don’t expect anything more than what you have.

The Northside District would see a vast improvement in representation if they elected a retarded three-headed frog over Norman Dorn. Face facts, removing Dorn would increase the average IQ of the entire County Council by at least 60 points.

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