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Domestic economic terrorism – America’s greatest threat

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 16, 2009
COLUMN – Osama bin Laden and his band of terrorists could not bring down the American capitalistic economy by toppling the Twin Towers on 9/11. No, not even such a devastating blow to the country, the fear and uncertainty that it evoked upon so many, was enough to bring the United States to her knees. That takes another type and group of terrorist, the US Congress. Though it may be politically popular to “bash Bush”, it is obvious while he was fighting two wars against clear and emanate threats, the Congressional Democrats were finishing the job Osama started.

The Republicans and President Bush tried to warn Congress of the impending collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dating back to 2001 but were thwarted by Democrats who lauded the rise in ownership of homes. Homes that when bought the loans were obviously toxic debt the moment the papers were signed. This was progress they claimed.

For eight years the national media, a far left wing arm of the Democrat machine, and the Democrats trashed our country and a President at a time of war. They claimed the war was lost before it was well underway. They never “hoped” President Bush would fail, they loudly proclaimed he “was” a failure. Under the guise of misdirecting the people’s minds on the war, the Democrats knew the pending collapse of Fannie and Freddie was coming and would drive us into economic panic, they calculated when to break the news of their misdeeds.

The perfect “October surprise”, and it was played out by the very banks the government ran and had oversight.    

It gave the presidential election to the most liberal and inexperienced senator to ever serve in the US Senate along with a controlling authority of both houses of Congress for the Democrats and they are making record time rushing through the largest spending bill in the history of the country in just a matter of days that no one has read, not even them. Though they claim this massive growing of government agencies, and even creating more to oversee your healthcare, is one that costs taxpayers (those of us who actually pay taxes) just under $800 Billion, and will grow jobs and the economy. That is a lie and they all know it.

The real cost of the bill? Low estimates say it will be closer to $3.25 Trillion. Each of those dollars is a knife into the hearts of our economy and a tax bill that will be paid by our children’s grand children. All the while growing the government, and a very liberal government at that, and increasing its control over a wide array of your personal life.

The national media is deftly silent on the realities that are facing this nation and are coddling the Democrat’s liberal agenda. Just a year ago the national debt was a reason to surrender the war. Debt was bad. Now that they control the debt, more debt is good.

These are the very same people who were so competent as to run Freddie and Fannie and start the economic crisis in the beginning and they are now working to do it nationally by bankrupting the United States and under the call of a national emergency, will institute their true socialistic government ambitions.

But how, the national debt is only $454 Billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) for 2008, and estimates that debt to climb to $1.2 Trillion in 2009. That sounds manageable. But, leave it to the national media and liberal Democrats to lie. The true debt our country faces is over $65 Trillion, more than four times our national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and closing in on the GDP of the entire world.

Noted economist John Williams, who publishes the Internet website Shadow Government Statistics said, “By April, the rapidly deteriorating recession will be viewed commonly as the worst downturn since the Great Depression.” With Obama Administration is promising stimulus in the form of massive federal spending, “Concerns about the government’s fiscal condition can wait until the economy recovers, we are being told. A similar pacifying assurance presumably extends to inflation concerns as well. Unfortunately, with the economy in a structural downturn and with the U.S. government effectively bankrupt, there can be no rapid or normal recovery. As inflationary pressures mount anew and the financial markets increasingly shun U.S. Treasuries, an inflationary depression can evolve quickly into a hyperinflationary great depression.”

The reason for the disparity in numbers is that the deficit estimates do not include funding the wars, Social Security payments, Welfare, Medicare, and a whole host of other government entitlements or the new ones just passed by Congress. To see our true debt you must account for all federal obligations the media and the Congressional Democrats conveniently leave that out.
And don’t think I am going to let the Republicans off the hook on their involvement in this fiasco. They have a voice and sat back like a whipped puppy daring not to raise their head much less make the public aware of what was going to happen or what is happening. Some stood in the halls of Congress and gave fiery speeches they knew would never make “the news”. 

The media and the Democrats have used fear to scare people into believing only government can heal your ills. President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” President Obama and the Democrat Controlled Congress is saying loudly, “You can’t do anything for your country, ask what we can do for you.” The new massive spending bill will quadruple the number of those who will now enter the public dole to receive money for doing nothing.

The same people who designed and brought about the financial crisis now intend to make it worse by imposing more control over private industry and reach further into the lives of each and every one of us, including our healthcare.

President Obama and the Democrats have put another nail in the coffin for America prepared by Osama bin Laden, gift-wrapped and with smiles on their faces.

The largest threat America faces is from within, and the DTO (Democrat Terrorist Organization), otherwise known as the DNC, is fighting a war against the American people unchallenged and right here on our own soil.

And nobody is listening.

Kill the dollar to kill America
web posted January 5, 2009

Democrats can lie but not hide as architects of mortgage collapse
web posted September 22, 2008

Monopoly money and the Federal Reserve
web posted August 16, 2005


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