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America is entrenched in idol worship

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 25, 2008
COLUMN – Whether you believe in the Bible or not, those with an honest and factual account of history knows that every society that found itself engulfed in idol worship soon found itself eviscerated. America in the 21st century is markedly on its way there. Those who are Christian are considered “Bible thumpers” or “the religious right” and are mocked by the national media and by most in the national Democrat Party. No longer are the fundamental foundings of our fifty states into a union considered worthy of respect, adoration, or found to be a moral weave that keeps America united, free, and prosperous.   

Most people cannot tell you who their elected leaders are yet they can name every participant in “American Idol”, “Big Brother”, or any of the many other “reality shows” broadcast as distractions for citizens by the liberal media.

With many families having both parents working most children are left to entertain themselves until the parents arrive home. Entertainment, for the most part, is the sole function of television. Children sit glued to their flat screen TV’s watching Oprah, Dr. Phil, Montel, and other self-aggrandizing “stars” weep as they exploit people as victims of society and only they, like your government, are able to supply the security the so-called victims need.

Sit-coms have gone from being morality based to promoting promiscuity, single parent homes, crime, and drug use.

Ward Beaver would be ridiculed today as a right-wing religious fanatic and a male chauvinist for being the moral leader and utmost authority in the home. Today the father is commonly depicted in sit-coms as the bumbling buffoon and the children and mother are the intelligent ones who get laughs by belittling the father figure.

It is not that the women in today’s homes are less intelligent than their husbands, they have always been an equal intellectually, and in many cases more so morally. It is that dynamic relationship of a father and a mother working in tandem to raise children with the same common morals that led this country to be the greatest on the planet.

Those values and morals are now despised in television programming because they are outdated, narrow-minded, or even bigoted.  It is more important to idolize the single mother who is feeding upon the government teat while trying to sort out the affairs of her “babies’ daddies”. To further show the decline in our society, “baby daddy” is working its way into the dictionaries our children are to reference to learn.

The national media, in direct concert with the members of our elected elite, make sure the general masses are distracted by entertainment to assure that the public relies on sound bites from half-hour news programs for their news and information on the actions of their government. It is far too inconvenient to spend hours educating themselves on the actions of elected leaders, their intentions, and the direction of our nation. Those hours are better spent watching TV and calling 1-800 numbers to vote for their favorite ”idol” this week.

Our elections have become the same thing, which person is the “idol” today. It matters not who will lead our nation to prosperity or slavery, it is a popularity contest and, in the end, the American citizen loses.

True leaders are not always popular people and popular people are not always leaders. That is the reason our nation was founded as a Republic and not a Democracy.

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