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Obama: 2009’s “Wizard of Oz”

A Column by the Editor
web posted March 9, 2009
COLUMN – I have to wonder sometimes if it is too late for our country, our state, and sometimes even our local government, to get their heads out of the big government mindset and start thinking about things from reality and our founding documents, not the scripted fantasy playbill our government leaders have fallen so accustomed to reading from that are “made for TV”. President Obama will not address the public in any manner since elected without the use of his teleprompter. A classic scene from the Wizard of Oz, “Ignore that man behind the curtain,” the “great and powerful Oz” told naive Dorothy and her newfound friends, brainless, cowardness, and heartless.

In reality, that is what Barack Obama is, a 2009 version of “The Wizard of Oz”. Someone who had no special gift, talent, substance, or experience, but he was able to learn how to pull a few strings and command the masses as “the chosen one”, aka “Oz”.  

Obama gives great speeches, three words at a time, when they are written for him to read by someone else. He avoids common “banter” because he reveals his ambitions of redistributing the wealth of working Americans to non-working Americans and illegal aliens and it gets hard for the national Democrat Press (otherwise known as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC), to have to fight to cover up his “misstatements”. 

Redistribution of wealth has been the foundation of what makes Barack Obama what he is as he stated in his books and his leanings to Marxist professors and groups. He and his wife, Michelle Obama, who wrote on how no matter how well she was treated by whites it was not good enough and she was proud of America, “for the first time,” in her life when Obama was beginning to win primaries. Both of them have attended the most anti-American “church” led by Jeremiah Wright for the past 20 years and has raised their children in such a hate-filled and bigoted setting.

David Duke is sitting in front of a television somewhere shaking his head saying, “and they called me a racist?” Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) hides under his white hood, but it is not seen because of the DNC insignia at the top.

And where does this whole idea of “redistribution of wealth” come from? In order for government to be responsible for “redistribution” of the wealth, it would have to be responsible for the “distribution” of wealth in the first place. But the government has no money other than what it takes from those a create wealth. Anytime the government takes from one person who produces wealth and gives that wealth to someone that did not earn it is a redistribution of your wealth, not the government’s.

If I forced you to hand over your money to someone else I would be guilty of a crime, but allowing the government to do it for you is something Obama and Biden sees as “patriotic”.

And with every deficit spending bill Obama signs the value of our dollar sinks to new lows. Don’t believe me just watch the stock market. To drive the historically low market even lower (Obama said last week that he didn’t care about the stock market) he is proposing a national budget that accounts for the most spending by the US government in history. That would be from 1776 through 2008 combined.

The only thing government can to do help the economy is to lower taxes and get the heck out of the way of a free market economy. The two things Obama refuses to do.

So who is on the side of “America” and who is on the side of “Opposing America”?

Oh, by the way, in latest news Obama wants to remove restrictions against communist Cuba, have “negotiations” with the Taliban, and foster a “relationship” with Iran. Using your tax dollars to “sweeten the deal” of course.

But it’s “only fair”… his plans will also allow illegal aliens to send more illegally earned US dollars to Mexico, Cuba, and other countries to help “their” economies. All this is tax-free and while they are able to obtain free healthcare we already pay for. You know, those “uninsured Americans” they like to tout.

Utopia at last for everyone but Americans, by someone who has never proven he is an American. Not that any of that matters.


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