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Excuse me, your hypocrisy is showing

A Column by the Editor
web posted March 19, 2007

COLUMN – The national media’s bias has become so blatant it cannot be questioned anymore. The left of America, the Democrats, and their propaganda arm, the national media, will scream for resignations with any move taken by a Republican or President Bush. The recent firing of eight US Attorneys by the President is called a crisis, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should resign, and Democrats are calling for hearings. When former President Clinton fired all 93 then US Attorneys in 1993 it was applauded and supported by the media and the Democrats.

Excuse me, your hypocrisy is showing.

This is nothing new but it is important because some people actually trust the national media to present facts, not biased spun “news”. The very fact President Clinton’s firing of the attorneys is well known, but not compared to President Bush’s firing of just eight, is a dirty little secret they will not tell you, so I will.

This is a move taken straight from the leftist playbook. A Democrat can fire everybody, replace them all with their own hand chosen cronies, and it is a wonderful day in the neighborhood. President Clinton was said to have “the right” to do so because he was the President, he was just placing his own staff in positions during his term of office. It was a bold, unprecedented move and President Clinton was to be admired for it.

Then George Bush won in 2000 and the Democrats have not shut up since. President Bush leaves all the people placed in potions for seven years and then fires eight and the world has come to an end. It is a scandal, there must be hearings, and the talking heads of the national media lead news programs with faked serious concern for the scandal.

You see, the rules are Democrats can do anything they want and say anything they want and it is heralded as wisdom, bravery, and “progressive”. With the coming of power of the Clinton Machine placing Democrat cronies in the positions was a victory for the left. When President Bush fires eight it has to be a scandal because a liberal hack is being removed from a position of power.

It really does not matter what the issue is, the recent firings, the War in Iraq, or what Republican Congressman needs to resign for spitting on the sidewalk, the national and left leaning media will carry the water and trumpet the liberal talking point of the day.

All the while ignoring when a Democrat Congressman, Rep. William Jefferson, D-La , is caught taking bribes, that is not a news story. In fact, the media supported his re-election by making sure it was not a scandal but a misunderstanding. Imagine if that had been a Republican. Do you think for one second it would have not been headline news for weeks until a resignation followed?
I could go on for thousands of words with countless similar situations but it is needless. It is what it is.

The end goal is, of course, to grow government power, remove independence of the individual, and increase the power of politicians.

The next item on the agenda, to push for government run healthcare. I cannot ever support that idea. I have seen government run housing. No thanks.


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