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The liars leading the ignorant and blind

A Column by the Editor
web posted April 5, 2010
COLUMN – Georgia US House member Hank Johnson (D-GA) questioned a US Navy Admiral on March 25 on a deployment to the US territory of Guam and expressed his concerns that the added personnel would cause the island to “tip over” or “capsize”. As stupid as that is, not a single major media outlet broadcast the ramblings of this moron. However, Republican Gov. Sarah Palin and other conservatives are constantly proclaimed as dumb racists because they stand up for smaller government and lower taxes. No “media bias” there, move along folks, nothing to see here.
Congressman Phil Hare says he doesn’t care about the Constitution while passing ObamaCare, no TV cameras report what is recorded. No, nothing to see here, keep moving along. Keep your eyes on those media proclaimed dumb Tea Party members.
Meanwhile Obama and the media proclaims what a great advancement ObamaCare is for America. Unreported in the national media is the fact that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states that our nation’s debt will rise to 90% of our total Gross Domestic Product (GNP), or the total of our entire national productive output, by 2020. Move along, don’t worry about this, keep your eyes on those hate-filled Tea Party members.

Obama and the Democrats state that his healthcare takeover is going to lower taxes and the federal deficit, yet, history shows that every single healthcare takeover has increased deficits and remain riddled with uncontrolled fraud.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the influential Finance Committee, said the overhaul was an "income shift" to help the poor. What? I thought this was about insuring uninsured Americans, not “spreading the wealth”. “This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America," he said.

Again, the “media” turns a blind eye while reporting that the Tea Party is made up of 85% of white people. Just in case you wondered, so is the United States of America, meaning that the Tea Party is made up of a solid cross section of Americans.

Vice President Joe ”Foot in mouth” Biden calls the heathcare takeover “just being fair”, as it takes from those who pay taxes and gives to those who don’t. Divert your eyes, nothing to see here folks. Look, I think a Tea Partier just held up a sign of Obama as the Joker, run over and call them racist.

The healthcare takeover is also going to save companies billions of dollars a year while covering 30 million uninsured (most of whom are illegal aliens). Funny, the latest release from these companies state the cost to their businesses is over $14 billion. Of course, those of us with a brain know what costs companies undertake get passed down to you and me in higher prices. Nothing to see here… just move along.

Remember the student loans being overtaken by the US government as part of the “healthcare” bill? (What student loans has to do with healthcare is beyond me) It was going to save the US billions each year and reduce Obama’s tripling of the deficit.

Uh oh, the CBO now says when they got the real figures (gee, who would ever think Obama, Pelosi, and Reid would lie about what was in the bills?) the bill will add over $50 Billion to the deficit. In case you are keeping up, that’s a $100 billion swing from the black to the red.

Better start hiding your wallet… the Obamabots have their sights set on your money to pay for their lies.

Of course Obama, the “post racial President” is backing race based college admissions before the Supreme Court. Something else the national media that enters your home every night seems to just miss covering.

Meanwhile, as Americans awake to the reality of what this administration is doing to our nation, the media sings its praises and ignores the rush to bankrupt our nation.

The national media seeing its lowest rankings ever, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid combined in single digit approval ratings, and Obama’s ratings in his first year below that of Pres. Bush after 6 years of bashing by the same lame stream media, we are all expected to join hands and sing it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

North Korea lobs missiles into the Pacific and Obama removes missile shields from Europe. Russia helps Iran get nukes and Obama cuts our nuclear stockpiles by one third.

Where will the insanity end? And will it end before Obama destroys America?

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