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Homeland Security labels non-Democrats as possible threat to “national security”

A Column by the Editor
web posted April 15, 2009
COLUMN – Is South Carolina, Texas, and over twenty other states about to hit the “watch list” for Homeland Security? Apparently so. According to a released memo to law enforcement agencies dated April 7, Homeland Security said “right-wing extremists”, those who support states’ rights, local control over federal control, anti-abortion positions, or dissatisfaction of enforcement of immigration laws, and even military personnel were prime targets as being potential terrorists. There was no mention of Islamic radicals who have already carried out attacks on the US as being terrorists. Those “incidents” are now politically correctly called "man-made disasters."

President Obama promised “change”, and all I can say is; you got what you voted for. Of course, Islamic lobbying groups contribute heavily to the Democrat Party. Big surprise there.

As a country we are no longer allowed to call muslim terrorists - terrorists. But you, by decree of the federal government are welcomed, even encouraged, to call any conservative or individual that holds the US Constitution at heart as a “threat” to our national security.

Excuse me if I find that not only disturbing but also chilling.

Our own federal government stating in a public memo that asserting one’s individual Constitutional Rights, or stating that the federal government should abide by the US Constitution, is a cause for concern to the federal government charged with upholding that very document is absurd.

It is as if you assert your right to refuse a random search of your home for no reason as being grounds for the search on the basis that “if you have nothing to hide why would you refuse the search?”  

This goes far beyond being Orwellian, it is outright insanity.

The Democrat controlled Congress wants to shut down any opposition against their left-wing agenda. They are trying to find end runs around the reinstitution of the Fairness Doctrine (which is anything but “fair”), and are seeking ways to regulate information on the internet, and even more far-reaching oppressions of free speech.

I know that China carries a lot of our national debt, but does that mean we must conform to their form of communist government mandates? Evidently so if you look at what the Democrats and the Obama administration are trying to impose. They even want to save Communist Cuba from being returned to a republic because the embargo is finally coming to fruition and bankrupting the fall of communism there.

Rather than celebrate the fall of a communist dictatorship, the Obama administration wants to allow US dollars being sent to Communist Cuba to save it from its own demise.

I may have fallen off the banana boat, but I sure didn’t fall on my head.

As thousands of rallies take place today to oppose the current direction of the federal government in “Tea Parties” and “Fair Tax Rallies”, each and every citizen that attends such events will no doubt be targeted by the very government that is to protect asserting the right to protest for protesting.

You are now the enemy, not the terrorists.

Perhaps this is the true “civil rights” issue of the 21st Century.


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