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A Column by the Editor

The left exposes their hatred of Christians with the death of Rev. Falwell

web posted May 17, 2007
WARNING: As Editor of EdgefieldDaily.com I warn all readers that the content of this column contains direct quotes that are profane and very offensive even when edited. Following the links the quotes were taken from contain graphic and vile content.

COLUMN – Jerry Falwell, 73, who created the influential Liberty University and founded the Moral Majority which is credited with helping elect Ronald Reagan in 1980, died suddenly while at his office on Tuesday. Many on the left considered the Rev. Falwell as being hateful and bigoted for standing on his Christian beliefs. Many are mourning. However, some of the Democrat base will never miss out on an opportunity to bash a Christian, especially when they die.

I can just picture in my mind Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama stepping out to give their sincere condolences and then when out of public’s view slapping high-fives and dancing a jig singing the tune from the Wizard of Oz, “Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead..” Before you read that and start sending me hate mail about how crass I am being, I am just using the words of those on the left. I know I am going to get a lot of flack about this column, but understand that these are the people the DNC, Moveon.org, and other democrat groups call their base. I just think it is important to let you see who they are.

Liberal and Democrat bloggers would not let the remains of a great Christian leader assume room temperature before they began their gleeful and profane attacks. Democrat presidential hopeful John Edward's former campaign blogger Amanda Marcotte was one quick to jump on board. “The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son. Guess god liked the ACLU better after all,” she proudly opined on her blog Pandagon. “I hope he is roundly reviled now that he’s dead. There is no heaven (or alas, hell) for him to go to, All that’s left is memory. May his memory rot like his flesh,” a reader commented.

On another leading democrat leaning web site, Wonkette, this was the lead post; “At a time like this, people deserve sympathy and good wishes … except for Falwell, who is an evil (sob).” The site called Falwell’s long career, “a vile televangelist building an empire of bigotry from the donations of poor people…” Then in mocking Christianity further stated, “Reached in Heaven, the Lord God said he was “looking forward to speaking to Jerry,” and that God’s loyal lieutenant Satan Von Lucifer would “go Abu Ghraib on his fat ass for the next 10 million years.”

A reader posted, “Ain't that a (f-ing) shame. Who gets to sodomize the corpse?
Frank Zappa once wrote a song titled 'jerry and pat and a weasel' set to the tune of lucy in the sky with diamonds, about Falwell and Robertson in a hotel room (having sex) each other with a weasel. is it inappropriate to suggest it be played at his funeral?” Yet another poster from the left side of the isle had this to say, “I'm guessing God came a-callin'. And when Jerry realized that God was a mixed race cross-dressing communist Canadian with tattoos and dreads, he just up and keeled. Good. Serves his evil, bigoted ass right.”

More compassion came from another poster stating, “I bet he now wishes that he had evangelized for the god who would give him 70 virgins.” To proudly boast of how “hate speech” and civility do not apply to those on the left after claims that what the Democratic base believes may be exposed one wrote, “Liberals have long known that it doesn't matter what any of us do or say. Conservatives will always claim we're what they want us to be, in order to raise money.”

Do not think that such comments only come from far away and are not relevant to local democrat posters of local forums. The Augusta Chronicle’s forum boasts comments such as “James” who proudly boasted, “If there is a Satan, he has just reclaimed one of his own.” Another wrote, “Good riddance”.

Yet, this is the “base” of the Democrat party. This is the type of people the Democrat candidates pander to in order to be elected while claiming to be Christians themselves. When they give speeches and say “we” want, believe, and promote whatever, you now know whom they are referring to as “we”. These are the same people that would proudly display a bumper sticker reading "Have you aborted your baby today?"

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