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The US is broke: Obama and Democrats answer is to keep spending

A Column by the Editor
web posted May 25, 2009
COLUMN – Just two years ago the Democrat Party was clamoring about “huge” spending from the Bush Administration because the national debt was nearly a half billion dollars. After the election of Barack Obama, and two years of Democrat control of the Congress, the national debt has skyrocketed to nearly two trillion dollars and is heading even higher. So much so that President Obama said Saturday that the United States was “out of money”. Not that he cares, nor do the Democrats. Their solution? To keep spending America into bankruptcy.

Obama is not your run-of-the-mill Democrat; he’s an ultra-Democrat – a pure Marxist. He, along with the rest of the leftists in power, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, Barney (I broke the banks) Frank, Chris Dodd, and the long list that follows, would like nothing better than to see America broke and driven into the worst financial shape in our history. That is, after all, their intentions - to break us then control us.

They are seizing banks, the auto industry, and financial businesses at a cost that is estimated to be almost $17 trillion - money taken from the US Treasury that they refuse to release who got the money. The money they are using by the way is our money. The only money government has it money it first takes from working tax-paying citizens. Not to mention the nearly same size of debt in the national deficit. That is more than U.S. citizens produce in total income each year.

Obama and the Democrats already have the printing presses working overtime adding $1 trillion in new money to the economy. This money is created out of thin air and will, admittedly, cause one of the greatest tax increases in our history as well as devaluing the US Dollar to its lowest level ever. It is already happening as the dollar is quickly being replaced as the currency for the world exchange.

Just like they planned.

And to show just how dead-set on bankrupting our nation Obama and his worshipers are, they want to take over the healthcare of everyone in this country. If allowed to do so, the federal government will control a majority of the economy. Government does such a wonderful job at running things. Just take a look at public education which has increased in spending every year while producing lower test scores, dumber students (but great slaves to the government), and a growing number of those who depend on government to be the do-all end-all.

“End-all” being the operative words here.

Today being Memorial Day is a perfect time to take a look at government run healthcare. Yes, there is government run healthcare already. Medicare and Medicaid runs way over budget, is fraught with billions in known fraud that can’t be stopped, and Social (in)Security which the government already admits is going broke. Yes, they’ve done such a wonderful job managing those aspects of our lives; let’s give the government even more control over providing “comprehensive healthcare” to all.

Talk to a veteran today. Ask them how responsive and wonderful the Veterans Administration (federal government) run healthcare for our military retirees and wounded is doing. Most seek private treatment and pay out of their pocket because the government run “healthcare” is so full of bureaucratic red tape and “waiting lists” for treatments.

That option, paying out of your pocket for your own doctor or insurance provider, will no longer be available. Trying to do that would land you and your doctor in jail if the Democrats and Obama get their way.

Yes, the Obama fools would rather see everyone equal. And since you cannot make everyone equally rich and happy, they will just make sure everyone is equally poor, depressed, and fully dependant upon them for everything.

Of course, the ruling class (the politicians) will get the best care available. After all, they are so much more important than the lowly slaves who suckle at the teat of government.

Government is not the answer to any problem; it is the creator of problems and in the words of our Founding Fathers - is “inherently evil”.

One final point to ponder, the very same Democrats, led by Obama, are one vote away on the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) from taking away your guns. Last year’s ruling showed 4 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices saw fit to remove your right to “keep and bear arms” (shall not be infringed)”. They have already shown that the rest of the second amendment is void (infringement) as they (government) outlaws guns they do not want you, the free citizens of this nation, to own.

The right to keep and bear arms was not placed in the Bill of Rights to allow us to protect ourselves from each other; it was put there to allow us to protect ourselves from the government. The same government that has already issued warnings that anyone that did not vote for Obama should be looked at as possible terrorists.   

Any gun the government says you do not need, you need.   

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