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Obama given new status by national media: he is “sort of God”

A column by the Editor
web posted June 8, 2009
COLUMN – The bias of the national media towards socialists, Marxists, and communist dictators has reached a pinnacle. During the election cycle they declared Barack Hussein Obama their messiah and made sure photos used in love letters disguised as “news” coverage made it appear Obama had a halo around his head. Now, they have gone way too far declaring Obama is “sort of God”. Yes, you read that right, God. Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, on Friday, declared on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God." Host Chris Matthews can be heard agreeing saying, “Yeah”, in the clip.

It is Monday, have you heard anything about this blasphemy in the news? Any words of condemnation? No, because as I have pointed out since Obama was ushered to the scene last year, he is their god.

You see, the God of mankind is one they abhor. When former President Bush, the most overtly open Christian to hold office in the last two decades, admitted he prayed before making tough decisions such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and felt God was answering his prayers and leading him he was ridiculed by the press and by Democrats, including Obama. (You know, Christian Obama, who follows “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright who uses God’s name in vain to curse America in Obama’s “church” of the last 20 years.)

But to compare Obama with God, why, that’s not only okay - it is taken without challenge as fact. “All hail and worship with us at the alter of Obama”, seems to be a sign that should be hung at the entrances to new rooms of major news agencies across the nation. Their “newscasts” should be considered religious programming and be barred from schools across this nation, as is done with anything containing the one true God, Son Jesus Christ, and the Hold Spirit.

These same worshipers of Obama hail his five-month building of a dictatorship right under their noses and see it as progress. While assuming control over more US companies and aspects of the US economy in those five months has Hugo Chaves, Communist dictator of Venezuela, swooning and amazed.  "Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right," Chavez said on June 2.      

Of course, Chavez, a vehement critic of the U.S. "empire," has toned down his rhetoric since Obama took office in January and the two men shook hands during a summit in Trinidad and Tobago in April.

But that is the plan, Obama is alienating our history long allies such as England, Israel, France, and Australia, while he bows to an Islamic King whose country funded most of the 9/11 attacks and goes on a world apology denouncing America’s freedom and achievements as sins needing forgiveness.

Obama himself has said, “America is the greatest nation in history, join me in changing it.”

Hope and change “you can believe in”.

“Believe in,” sounds so innocent doesn’t it? “Believe in me,” Obama is saying, “I am the only one who can save you from the things that evil Christian George Bush did.” 

Why does that sound so much like satan when he promised Eve if she would turn away from God she would be “like God”? Through Eve’s weakness, Adam’s own weakness arose and he fell into the lie as well.

Obama was elected after he had promised the world and delivered ruin. Give taxpayers money to companies destined to fail as they should, only to see them fail anyway so he could assume control of them. After all, now your money is invested so it is only right that he control them.

Meanwhile, Obama has already named 21 “czars” to his cabinet; positions delegated to departments with oversight, now under the control of those who answer only to him, the chosen one.

Obama is building his own fiefdom of tyranny with the national media’s willful help. They have ignored a staff that has grown from 20 or 30 to well over 200.

The media and the Obama administration are willing liars. 

Remember, instead of fellowship with God, Adam and Eve hid from Him. The disobedience had cost them the joy. In one act of disobedience, Adam and Eve changed their relationship forever, to themselves, to others and to God. Satan had promised them much more than He could deliver. His promises had been false. Adam and Eve had only been tools in Satan's war with God.

Why does all this sound so familiar?

Is it just the Biblical aspect of history? No, not really, as one who loves history so I am not one of the fools to repeat it - another great one rose from despair in our recent history. He was an “eloquent speaker”, one who commanded a swooning crowd with false promises of greatness, security, and newfound national pride.

His name was Adolph Hitler.

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