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The Secure Borders and Immigration Act of 2007

A Column by the Editor
web posted June 11, 2007
COLUMN – The amnesty bill is dead, at least for now. It seems liberal politicians like Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others forgot they represent real people who are sick and tired of the Mexican invasion of the Untied States. I know I will get letters saying, “It is not amnesty it is immigration”. Bull, we already have legal immigration, and it needs to be tightened a bit. This bill was about nothing more than granting amnesty to millions who have illegally crossed our unsecured border with Mexico and taken jobs from actual Americans.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was booed when he returned to the state a few weeks ago due to his championing the bill and being a part of its drafting. So what does he do when he goes back to Washington D.C., he buddies up to Sen. Ted Kennedy to make the bill even softer on the illegal aliens. In fact the bill, if passed, would bring at least two million more into our land.

Who are these sought after new residents? Are they teachers, businessmen, skilled craftsmen, or tech savvy people? No, they are those who will immediately sign up for welfare, food stamps, and every other government giveaway of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Already the illegal aliens have shown their propensity for drugs, DUI’s, and domestic violence. Not to mention that twenty-two Americans are murdered by illegal aliens every day in the United States. Good grief, we lose a few soldiers a week in Iraq and the liberals want to surrender. But let another foreign force, within our own borders, kill twenty-two of our men, women, and children every day and they want to make them citizens.

It just makes me wonder if in order to become a liberal you have to have a frontal lobotomy.

Here are a few highlights of the bill that went down in flames.

Illegal aliens would only be subjected to a background check for no longer than 24 hours. Of course, Americans just wanting to buy a gun legally (a Constitutional protected right) are subjected to an intensive and long background check. Furthermore, the information used in the “background check” could not be seen by law enforcement or the FBI.

Ted Kennedy did not even want illegals to have to prove who they were in order to be granted amnesty and made citizens. In fact, the Democrats had the radical racist group La Raza, or “The Race” (A Mexican radical group committed to restoring the southwestern part of the United States of America to Mexican control) help in drafting the bill.

The bill would have allowed convicted felons who had been previously deported to return.

The bill would have done little or nothing to secure the border with Mexico.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Only a person with half a brain could come up with something so stupid. Are you listening Sen. Graham?

Sen. Graham actually stated the bill was not perfect but it was the best bill that could be brought forward. Really? Since when does America strive for deficiency? Well, okay, outside of Washington D.C. anyway.

When you hit a rock that puts a hole in the boat the last thing you do is just bail water, you fix the leak first to stop the water coming into the boat. The same is true with the onslaught of illegal aliens pouring across our border. The first thing that has to be done in so-called “immigration” reform is to plug the holes. Then we can begin bailing out the boat, or, in other words, deporting the criminals that crossed into our country illegally.

In an effort to help our lobotomized political leaders I have drafted an “immigration bill”. It is brilliant in its simplicity and will be 100% effective.

The Secure Borders and Immigration Act of 2007

All land borders of the United States of America will be secured by 14 foot electric fencing and razor wire and monitored by United States of America military forces. A second defensive line of similar fencing will be placed one mile inside to the boundaries of the United States of America. Signage in all foreign languages will be posted on fencing warning of the penalties for crossing the border. 

The confines of the fencing will be deemed a militarized zone. Anyone found by military forces within the boundaries of these two border fences will be shot on sight regardless of age, race, sex, nationality, or sexual orientation.

All law enforcement agencies will ask for proof of citizenship of those arrested or investigated during the course of their duties. Anyone found not to be a citizen of the Untied States of America or legally within the borders of the country is to be deported within 72 hours. If the illegal alien whines about having family in the United States, they too are to be checked and if so found to be illegally in the United States they too are to be deported within 72 hours.

All hospitals, medical facilities, social services providers, and similar agencies will confirm all person or persons they come in contact with during the course of their duties are legally in the United States and will report to law enforcement for immediate deportation any person or persons found to be illegally in the United States.

Any person or business that is found to hire, aid, abet, or rent to or provide safe harbor to a person(s) who is not legally in the Untied States of America shall be fined no less than $50,000 and imprisoned for no less than two years in a maximum security federal prison for the first offense.

Those wishing to immigrate to the United States of America must have a marketable skill and provide proof of funds necessary to support said immigrant for no less than two years. Immigrants who are granted citizenship will be required to carry health insurance at all times so not to unduly burden the government social service programs.

All persons seeking citizenship must be proficient in the English language both in speech and in writing.

English will, from the date of this act becoming law, be the established language of the United States of America and all government documents shall be printed in English only. Translators for foreign nationals will be provided at the cost of the person or persons needing such services.

Any company, business, or other public entity, including government agencies, that have “press 1 to continue in English” on their phone menus will be fined $100,000 for the first offense and fines shall double for each subsequent violation to this act. Citizens reporting offenders will be given the money from the fine, tax-free. Three violations will mean life in federal prison for the person or persons that are responsible for such phone menus.

All persons in the United States of America must read EdgefieldDaily.com at least once a day. (Okay, this part is negotiable)

 This act shall become law upon approval by the US Congress and the signature of the President.


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