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Pope: Catholics have the only tickets to Christ

A Column by the Editor
web posted July 12, 2007
COLUMN – Pope Benedict XVI has deemed the Catholic Church as the only path to Salvation and other Christian Churches defective or not true churches. I have a suggestion for the Pope - pick up a Bible. Jesus is the path to Salvation, not a church, pastor, minister, or priest. Jesus is the church and if I recall my Sunday school lessons well enough, the thief on the cross didn’t ask the Pope to get him into heaven.

Now I am not bashing the Catholic Church by any means, but when the top dog says that only one religion has the ticket to the free gift of Salvation you have to take a step back and raise an eyebrow or two. I know the Catholic Church is in need of money with all the lawsuits over child molestations by priests over the years, but claiming to be the only taxi in a town of a town of taxis seems pretty stupid to me.

There again, I am pretty certain that Jesus said that He was the “way”. I don’t remember Him saying to get in touch with His publicist, make an appointment, take a number, or wear a funny hat.

You just know those responsible for putting Pope Benedict in position slapped their foreheads when they heard what he signed off on. At least I hope they did.

What’s next? A 900 number you have to call to the Vatican to get a special request to God? Text messages (a $1.99 fee will be charged) to get someone on the “inside” to get Mother Mary to tug on the ear of the Son of God for you?

I am sorry, but this whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way.

I am no Pope. I am certainly not a saint. And there is no question that Jesus is ashamed of me for calling myself a Christian at times. But that is the beauty of Jesus. He can forgive those indiscretions through a personal relationship with Him, not a religion, a church, a building, or a string of beads.

I think there will be some backpedaling by the Pope before this whole thing is over.

I will say that Catholics are very big into being fit. The last time I went to church with a Catholic friend I felt like I just left an aerobics class when it was over. Sit, stand, kneel, stand, kneel, sit, kneel, stand, kneel, sit. I wonder what Catholics with bad knees do?

I need to write the Pope to find out if heaven is “handicap accessible”. There’s a law on that now you know.


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