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Editor responds to attack ad

A Column by the Editor
web posted August 21, 2009
COLUMN – Bettis Rainsford is at it again, this time by taking out a near full page ad in the Edgefield Advertiser. I cannot say I am surprised by anything Mr. Rainsford does. Desperate people, I have learned, are capable of just about anything. It is true Mr. Rainsford sent his letter to EdgefieldDaily.com for publication. After review it was found that the letter could possibly lead to legal litigation and was therefore rejected. Mr. Rainsford is more than welcome to reword his letter for reconsideration. Mr. Rainsford has submitted several other letters, which were published, including personal attacks upon me.

Mr. Rainsford is obviously upset with my opinion of County Administrator John Pettigrew’s abilities to perform his duties, the lack of qualifications needed for the job (as evidenced by the Upper Savannah Council of Government not including Mr. Pettigrew among the qualified candidates), and his lack of leadership. Having a difference of opinion is productive and often brings about progress.

I have never questioned Mr. Pettigrew’s personal life, his Christianity, or his honor.

However, Mr. Rainsford calls me a liar, mean-spirited, a cancer, hateful, intimidating, racist, evil, prejudice, hate filled, venomous, and un-Christian, just to name a few. Mr. Rainsford also accuses me of authoring all the comments in the Wandering Minds, the anonymous public comment section of EdgefieldDaily.com.

Mr. Rainsford repeatedly calls me a liar but offers not one sliver of evidence to support his claim, just a baseless attack.

I find his claim that I author the comments in the Wandering Minds very funny. As is pictured (click picture for larger view), the inbox of my email shows a few hours of emails received in one day and you can clearly see fifteen comments sent by readers to the Wandering Minds.

Mr. Rainsford demands that readers identify themselves when making comments, or, if they do not, then he is proven right. I wonder why Mr. Rainsford would want to know who is sending in comments.

I can understand why people would not want to have their names known for voicing their opinions; they would then become a target of Mr. Rainsford.

Perhaps that is what bothers Mr. Rainsford the most. People in Edgefield County can voice their heartfelt convictions and opinions about the powerful without fearing retribution. He abhors not being able to heavy-handedly squelch dissension over those who do not follow his view of the utopia in local politics he thinks he controls.

Maybe he fears me for some strange reason.

He is certainly trying his best to dissuade people from reading EdgefieldDaily.com. Former County Administrator Wayne Adams was infamous for doing the same thing and, in the end, they always bring more readers to EdgefieldDaily.com.

For that I guess I am thankful. The first thing those who read his diatribe will do is log into EdgefieldDaily.com to see all the lies, hate, racism, and be pleasantly surprised to find daily news, sports, activities, announcements, and the most comprehensive coverage of breaking news and investigative reports.

In addition, they will discover the Wandering Minds and, like so many others, will be happy to let me be the lightening rod for their views about local politics, politicians, school issues, among others.
I look to see August produce an all time record in statistics, thanks to Bettis Rainsford. Hopefully we can put this pettiness behind us and move on to more important matters facing the county.

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