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U.S. - the most well armed nation in the world

A Column by the Editor
web posted August 29, 2007
COLUMN – The Untied States of America is the most well armed nation in the world. That may come as no surprise to some with our superior military might, but it is not the military that owns the guns, it is American citizens. Almost one third of all of the world’s 875 million guns are owned by U.S. citizens, a report by the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies shows. Over half of the 8 million guns produced each year are purchased by American civilians.

You know that is going to send the liberal left off the deep end demanding more gun control.

Oddly enough, the study also found that the nations with the fewest guns in the hands of civilians are also the most violent, such as Nigeria, where only one in one hundred civilians owns a gun.

For thinking people the result of “gun control”, or outlawing or restricting private citizens the right to bare arms, is always a precursor for a dramatic rise in gun violence. Washington D.C. is a fine example. The murder rate in the nation’s capitol skyrocketed when handguns were outlawed. Conversely, when counties in Florida, Texas, and other states passed mandatory gun ownership crime rates plummeted.

Owning a gun in the Untied States is not just a right, it is a duty of a good citizen. It was privately owned weapons that freed our nation from the tyranny of England.

Also of note is that the percentage of guns used to commit crimes are far lower than the number of guns used to successfully prevent violent crimes each year in the U.S. However, those stories rarely make the national news in fear of emboldening Americans to defend themselves from criminals.

So as the news of this report continues to spread across the country expect the liberals to jump up and down demanding government to remove your right to own a firearm. A very wise man once told me, “If the government doesn’t want you to have a certain gun, you need two of them.”

Other information contained in the report: India had the second largest civilian ownership of weapons with 46 millions guns, but that was still only four for every one hundred civilians. China ranked third with 3 per 100.

France, Canada, Sweden, Austria and Germany held about 30 guns per 100 people, but with lower populations compared to the number of guns.

Gun ownership comes with responsibility. Always train those in your household on the proper use and care of a firearm and keep them stored away from and out of reach of small children.

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