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Remembering 9/11; keeping the focus

A Column by the Editor

web posted September 11, 2006

COLUMN – Today is five years following the terrorist attacks on America by Islamic fascists who brought down the World Trade Centers, destroyed a section of the Pentagon, and saw brave citizens seizing control of Flight 93 sending it crashing into the ground rather than hitting the Capitol or the White House, its believed target. The attacks killed more people than any act of war upon our nation in history. For a brief moment in time the nation was united in fighting the Islamic fascists, until elections came along. That is when the left of America decided to part ways with a majority of Americans.

Today the left wing of the Democratic Party and the entire leadership of the party want everyone to forget the tragic events that plunged us into a world war. Appeasement is what matters now in their eyes. There is no question that their desire is for America to lose the war. In fact, many in the party have already stated we have lost the war and that America should cut and run by brining our troops home, and thus surrendering to the Islamic fascists. To them, it is more important what the world, and the enemy, thinks about America. That is pathetic.

Syndicated talk show host Rush Limbaugh stated recently that when good negotiates with good evil, evil always wins. Truer words have never been spoken. However, that is what the Democratic Party wants. In the end, they desire the defeat of America in hopes of them seizing control of power again.

I, for one, would rather die on my feet than live on my knees under the leadership of such appeasers. Of course, former President Bill Clinton enjoyed his servants living on their knees and he and his “wife” Sen. Hillary Clinton are the ones that lead the Democratic Party.

Take the time today to remember where you were when you heard of the attacks on our nation. Remember the feelings that reached to the depths of your soul. Remember the pride you felt as thousands at ground-zero chanted “U-S-A” repeatedly as President Bush declared the world would hear their words. Remember that these Islamic fascists will stop at nothing to kill us just because we are alive.

Honor those innocent men, women, and children that died on September 11, 2001 by supporting our troops who are fighting an enemy like none we’ve ever had to contend with. Chastise and shun those on the left who feel we should not defend nor honor those who give the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe. Remember 9/11 and never ever forget that day and those who died or were injured, including Police, Fire, EMS, and ordinary citizens that answered the call to duty that fateful day.

Those who wish to exchange freedoms for security deserve, and will have, neither.

God Bless America.

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