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Wilson to Obama: “You Lie!” – Rude, but right

A column by the Editor
web posted September 14, 2009
COLUMN – “You Lie!” is what South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson shouted out during President Obama’s speech to a joint session of the Congress last week. The media attention was staggering including the typical absurd call from the leftists that because Wilson is from South Carolina he must be a racist. Was Rep. Wilson’s outburst after Obama said illegal aliens would not be covered in the new takeover of healthcare rude? Yes, but it was also right.

Although Obama countered that his statement was “the truth”, it turns out, like many of his claims that night, was false.

In the only bill available, the House Bill, attempts by Republicans to add amendments specifically excluding illegals and a verification process of citizenship were voted out by Democrats on party line votes.

The same holds true when Republicans pushed to close the borders to prevent more illegals from entering the country.

Obama also claimed that his new healthcare plan would not cover abortions. Again, he lied.

Similar votes in committee to add wording to specifically outlaw federal funds going to abortions had the Democrats once again voting down every attempt to add the wording.

“Basic reproductive healthcare” is “essential” to Obama’s healthcare plan he has said repeatedly. “Basic reproductive healthcare” is the well known code for abortion after “choice” wore out its anonymity.

The same holds true for a “public option” not being a precursor to total government takeover of healthcare. In reality, President Obama and Democrat Congressional Leaders have been captured on video tape saying that this is indeed their intent on many occasions. 

Now Democrats are telling the American people to stop disseminating “misinformation” and read the bill.

Americans have read in the bill, and as a result launched massive protests over the summer including 2 million protesters this weekend in Washington DC. It is the Democrats who have said many times that they have not read the bill.

The Democrat Party leadership is now pushing their Representatives who are in hotly contested races in 2010, many in conservative districts, to “fall on the sword” for the good of the party by passing the healthcare bill this year even if it means they get voted out of office.

That is the liberal leadership of the Democrat Party, everybody is just a political pawn to be used and thrown away.

And why should anyone be voting on anything “for the party”? I thought the debate was about “the people”, did I miss something along the way?

At least 85% of Americans have healthcare and 90% of those are happy with their plans. That does not appear to be any kind of a “crisis” that needs such drastic government intervention.  But the word “crisis” is all you hear from the left-wing Obama Administration.

So far Obama and the Democrats actions on the economy, the takeover of 2/3 of the American auto industry, large portions of the banks and financial institutions, a trillion dollar “stimulus” plan that contained almost $500 billion in pure pork, have all failed miserably. The only thing Obama and the Democrats have accomplished is to triple our debt, devalue the dollar, and bring more and more Americans into the unemployment lines. 

Excuse me if I say I have seen enough from the leftists in control of our federal government, Republicans and Democrats alike, that the best thing they can do at this point is nothing.

There is an old saying I remember as a child, “If you mess with something long enough you’ll break it.” Congress has “messed with” healthcare long enough and it is broken. It is time to put it back where it constitutionally belongs, in the hands of the people and free market capitalism. 

Should Rep. Wilson have to appologize on the House floor rude? Only If President Obama is forced to do the same thing to the Congress and the American people for lying to them.


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