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Bias in the media: Obama, their new god

A column by the Editor
web posted September 16, 2008
COLUMN – I find it hugely amusing that while the national media is so focused on Gov. Sarah Palin and hoping, and even distorting her words, to make her appear to be unqualified to be Vice President that they continuously ignore and explain away Sen. Obama’s constant, and often telling, off the cuff remarks and his lack of qualifications to be President. Let’s be honest here, the media will “correct” Obama, or even explain what he “must have meant”, when he goes off script. And just for the record, Sen. John McCain is running against Sen. Obama for President, not Gov. Palin.

The media explained away Sen. Obama’s comment that he was going to visit all 57 states (there are 50 states in the US and 57 in the Islamic World) as him just being tired. I accepted that, but it still raised an eyebrow.

More recently Sen. Obama made yet another Islamic Freudian slip when he told George Stephanopoulos, “You are absolutely right that John McCain, uh, has not talked about my Muslim faith.” Count on Bill Clinton’s former trusted sidekick turned “objective journalist” to try to save the messiah, “You mean your Christian faith.”  

On Monday Sen. Obama was off script again on ABC’s Good Morning America when he was asked about alleged (by the media) false ads from Sen. McCain. The obviously scripted set-up for Sen. Obama to sting Sen. McCain went awry when Sen. Obama replied quite honestly saying, “If we're going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily."

Not a peep from the media. In fact, ABC reported on their website that Obama must have meant John McCain would win that contest in their coverage of the appearance.

Now just imagine if Sen. McCain had actually made the same statement. It would be headline news from now until the election in November.

Meanwhile the media is trying to paint Gov. Palin as some sort of religious fanatic for asking people to pray that our sons and daughters (her son included) fighting Islamic terrorist are within God’s will while ignoring Obama and the church he attended for 20 years with Pastor Jeremiah Wright and its connection to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Obama also refused to reject Farrakhan’s endorsement until forced to do so by Hillary Clinton. Nope, nothing radical there.

The media just accepts Obama’s account that he, in his 20 years of going to the church, never had any idea Rev. Wright held such views or that the church supported Farrakhan. Only someone with an IQ below that of the average doorknob would believe such foolishness.

The media instead runs stories of polls about how the “world wants Obama for President”. Who gives a rats rear-end what the “world wants”, they can’t vote in America. One poll in Europe showed they wanted Obama by a margin of 80+%. Another poll showed almost 60% of the same people wanted to see America weakened. Is anybody paying attention?

I love the “national polls” the media trots out every day, as if that means anything. “A national poll out today shows,” and they state the numbers that are always skewed towards the liberals anyway. The nation does not elect the president, the states do. It is called the Electoral College and it was designed by people over 200 years ago that were a hundred times smarter than a lot of the government educated people around today.

Anyone with a fifth grade education knows this, but the media just can’t help pushing “democracy”, something our Constitution was written to prevent in America.

I am enjoying this election. The national media is showing their blatant bias and have even signed on to the “Jesus was a community organizer, like Obama, and Pilate was a Governor” phrase.

I hate to tell Sen. Obama, Democrats, and the media, Jesus was not a community organizer, He is the Son of God. They would know that if they knew Christ.

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