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Obama's Health-scare Plan

A Column by the Editor
web posted September 29, 2009
COLUMN – While the Congressional Democrats try to shove Obama’s takeover of the entire healthcare and medical insurance industries down our throats, it is unquestionable that Obama is lying to the American people. Obama brazenly lied about doctors taking out the tonsils of children to make money, not because it was needed. Yes, he claimed “doctors” were committing malpractice on a daily basis. Let’s be honest, Obama does not care about healthcare (or health-scare as it should be called), he and liberal Democrats just want the ultimate power over everyone’s entire lives.

Although Obama and the Democrats keep getting caught in lies, mainly from independent news sources and not the national media, they keep plugging away calling the best healthcare in the world an abject failure. They do not want the details they have in store exposed and are trying to pass a bill that no one, not even members of congress nor Obama have read, before America learns what they are really after.

If government takes over the entire healthcare and medical insurance industry they will now have you in the crosshairs. Since “government” is now paying for your healthcare, they will get to decide who will be treated, when they will be treated, and what treatment they can have or not have.

Obama claiming you can keep your present insurance is also a lie. Once the “government” creates their healthcare plan, it will drive every private insurance company out of business, leaving you with only one choice, submission to the will of federal government and bureaucrats.

But the reality is far more sinister. They own you and your life, literally.

They will then begin to impose their will over your own God-given free will. Smokers, already the favorite whipping boy of the left, will be denied lifesaving treatment because they are smokers. After all, why waste the government’s money on someone who is just going to eventually die anyway… one day.

The same will be true for the elderly. Why spend tons of money to save the life of some old coot (who just may be your mother or father) because the bean counters say it is better spent on someone younger (or perhaps because they vote Democrat).

They will begin to impose sanctions for lifestyles they feel are unhealthy either by refusing treatment or imposing fines for being overweight, drinking, not exercising, eating fried foods, too much salt, trans-fats, or any other politically incorrect agenda the left has on its hit list today.

Of course, homosexual males who engage in unprotect sex and top the charts for AIDS cases will be lauded and an endless supply of money will be directed to save their perverted lifestyles. Homosexual males are proven to be the most promiscuous of all persons, but they are a politically protected “class” so near and dear to the left.

Abortion is also included in the “healthcare” bill and will be provided at will and with the government’s blessing. It is called “reproductive healthcare” and “reproductive rights” (code for killing babies).

They speak of some 40 million people without insurance. They forget to tell you that between 25 and 30 million of these people are illegal aliens. There are no provisions in the bill to stop illegals from signing up for coverage. Needless to say, this will also increase the number of illegals entering the country to get on the gravy train.

If you want to know what government healthcare looks like, take a look at the failed Medicare program. Better still; ask a veteran what they think of the healthcare given at the VA. If you think it is bad there, just wait until it is expanded across the nation.

America had better awaken from their stupor before Obama seizes control over the lives of everyone, except congress. They are all exempt from the wonderful plan they intend to impose upon us all.

Call your representatives and demand socialized healthcare be placed where it belongs, in the trash.

Most of all, remember that the “government” can only spend money it takes from you by force in the first place.

There is a crisis in healthcare, but it is found in the bill Obama and his Democrat minions in Congress are creating to seize the ultimate power. Obama wants to play God and say who will live and who will die. The first to die will be liberty.


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