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Obama, another false prophet?

A Column by the Editor
web posted November 3, 2008
COLUMN – I shudder as I watch the propaganda the so-called “national media” puts out every day concerning Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. How on God’s green earth this man is even considered to be worthy of leading this great country is beyond belief. However, with the “media” knowing more about “Joe the plumber” than they do their own chosen one, they show their abject failure as responsible journalists to express objectivity and shunning their responsibility to the people to present the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama has openly stated that he wants his own army, a para-military force of his citizens to be, “just as powerful, just as strong, (and) just as well funded,” to enforce what he called a means, “to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.” In essence, a taxpayer funded army that could be used to defeat our armed forces used to protect our nation in order to achieve his “objectives”. But no one in the mainstream media sees this as problematic?
Place race aside and focus on what this man is saying and its uncanny resemblance to what Adolf Hitler did to Germany in the late 1930’s, he too used the power of his position to raise his own army and, in the end, led to the deaths of tens of millions. Again, focus on the words of Mr. Obama in his own book, “Dreams of my father” (a communist), when he stated that his loyalties would lay with Muslims over America if the “tide of public support” turned against them.

Barack Hussein Obama touts his “Christian” roots, but negates and does not disavow the hate speech his own preacher of 20 plus years delivers from the pulpit of the church he still attends. Jeremiah Wright has used profane and blasphemous speech such as “G-D America” and calling whites and Jews the devil and denies Jesus’ Jewish lineage claiming Jesus was a “poor black man just like Obama”. Obama’s church even gave its highest honor to the Nation of Islam’s racist leader Louis Farrakhan who has called for the extermination of the white race.

Not a headline or story even worthy of mention in the national media.

Barack Hussein Obama has yet to provide his birth certificate to prove he was born in the United States and a pending case in the United States Supreme Court is challenging his citizenship claim. His own grandmother in Kenya, Africa, has given interviews stating she was “in the delivery room” in Kenya at the time of his birth. Yet, the national media is more concerned about “Joe the plumber” not having a license to be a plumber and owing back taxes because he said Obama would raise his taxes if he bought the small business he worked for rather than investigate their candidate actually being a US citizen.

In response the Obama campaign has produce a “certificate of live birth”, but not a “birth certificate” from the state of Hawaii, two far different documents. The state can issue a certificate of live birth to anyone born anywhere on the globe but it can only issue a “birth certificate” to one born within the borders of the state.

To the media, no red flag there either.

They did however challenge the birthright of John McCain because he was born to a US military man (family) serving at a US military base in Panama and forced the courts to affirm that McCain was a US citizen. No bias there.

The Obama campaign has also refused to release his writings and records in college and his “community organizing” days in addition to his medical records. Yet the media runs stories as late as last week chiding Gov. Palin for not producing her medical records.

John McCain has produced his birth certificate, health records, and all other pertinent information for public review.

Barack Hussein Obama has, in his own words, stated he has chosen his friends “carefully” and included among them, “My Marxist professors.” Yet John McCain is vilified because he belongs to the Republican Party.

Obama supports the eradication of millions of black children through abortion and has even voted against providing life to children born alive in botched abortions. He has voted to have nurses simply hold the baby until it dies because its airway is not cleared as is done in all natural births. Something that can take between a few minutes and several hours to result in death. Those in the black community have openly expressed contempt towards Obama’s championed result. Yet, he stakes claim to being for the “poor blacks” and their “struggle” in “white America”.

In addition Barack Hussein Obama has been the recipient of well over $100 million in illegal contributions from Arab nations that support terrorism and is not in any hurry to return the funds and keeps most of the contributions secret. Unlike the McCain campaign which readily lists every single contributor for the public to view regardless of how small the contribution is.

Islamic terrorist supporting states such as Iran, Syria, Libya, the PLO, and even Osama bin Laden have made no bones about their support for Barack Hussein Obama, but that again raises no red flags to the “national media”. Jessie Jackson has publicly stated that Israel would lose a great deal of its support from America under an Obama administration. The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where "decades of putting Israel's interests first" would end he said. But all is well in the evening news.

Liberal and black radical pundits have openly said that if Barack Hussein Obama is not elected president there would be “blood spilled on the streets” and warnings of another “Civil war”, something that if any single Republican or conservative warned if their candidate was not elected would be labeled as “voter intimidation”, “racist”, and “hate speech” by the media, but is overlooked because it supports Barack Hussein Obama.

America has lost its moral compass and has evolved into what the Founding Fathers placed their lives at risk to prevent - Democracy.

Our Republic has been weakened and in the end I agree with many of the Obama supporters, a civil war may very well be at hand. But unlike them I do not believe it will be race derived, I believe it will be one of ideology and the yearning of the human spirit seeking freedom from an oppressive government under any particular party’s control. I pray this never befalls the good people of our nation, but fear it is closer than ever in the natural progressing transition from bondage, to revolution, to freedom, to prosperity, to complacency, to dependency, and back to bondage.

Those who lack the knowledge of history are doomed to repeat it. With liberals controlling our failing educational system for over 40 years and producing graduates that cannot spell, name the branches of government, or factually state the contents of the Bill of Rights, the preamble to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, it is a wonder our nation has survived this long.

That is why I do not place my trust among men; I place it with Jesus Christ. All men will fail you, Jesus will not. Those who claim Obama as their “Jesus” and messiah will receive their just rewards in hell. I may suffer the physical and mental punishment of an oppressive government for failing to bow at the feet of a false prophet, but I will not be denied the gift of eternal life from the true Messiah. I’ve read the Bible, I know how it ends - We win.

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