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It’s Christmas Stupid!

A Column by the Editor
web posted November 29, 2007
COLUMN – It is that time of year, Christmas - when everyone is running around talking about peace, joy, and goodwill towards mankind, that giving is better than receiving, and the birth of Jesus. And then you ride by our county high school and see a sign that says, “Winter Break”. I’m sorry, that just gets my goat. Just how “politically correct” has our rural, heritage rich, county become? It is not just our schools, our local municipalities and county government are also just as “PC” and it makes me sick.

It makes me want to scream, “It’s Christmas, Stupid!”

We can force our children to accept Kwanza and celebrate it at school or teach them about Islam and observe Ramadan, but mention Christmas, and by allah, there will be hell to pay.

Political correctness is a lie that our children, and many adults, are being indoctrinated. You have to accept everyone else by ignoring Christ and accepting any pagan, make-believe, government sanctioned false religion as good. You are to be ashamed to be an individual or to think for yourself because that is selfish and might hurt someone else’s “feelings” or make them “uncomfortable”.

Well, I am one that is not afraid to stand up and say the “King has no clothes” on all of “political correctness”.

Over the last three years of writing this column I hope it is painfully clear that I could care less what anyone else thinks about my opinion. You can agree or you can disagree but my opinion is just that, my opinion. And I am not ashamed to make it known to everyone, especially to those who may find my opinion “hurtful” or “insensitive”.

That feeling quadruples when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

We can plaster Kwanza, the creation of a black activist murderer while he was serving time in prison for the killings he committed, all over our schools and pat ourselves on the back on how “inclusive” we are. We can “accept” Muhammad by ignoring he was a murderous pedophile and be “enlightened” by not offending his followers who fly planes into the World Trade Center, shoot school children in their backs, behead innocent civilians including video on the web, or bomb public markets around the world.

But to think that placing a crèche or manger scene on the town square or “Christmas Break” on the sign of our local high school is “offensive” just beats all I have ever seen.

It’s Christmas, Stupid!

It was Christmas in 1492, 1776, 1864, and 1977. What changed?

People became cowards, that is what changed.

I have come to realization that you could not fill the first four rows of the Edgefield County Courtroom with residents that are not afraid to stand up and be counted for speaking what is in their hearts if you had to. I can prove that. Just compare the number of Letters to the Editor to the number of anonymous posts in the Wandering Minds.

It is embarrassing, shameful, and humiliating to our rich history of Christian traditions.

It is time our local governments start acting as if they represent the local people, not the federal government that wants to enslave everyone. As long as the general population continues to cower, the more they will be repressed.

I had to get that off my chest before December rolls around.

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