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A column by the Editor

Why Christmas is hated

web posted December 4, 2006

COLUMN – December is here and many people will begin decorating their homes for Christmas. I love driving around looking at the light displays some people put hours into installing for everyone else’s enjoyment. Even more touching, and more directly associated with Christmas than lights, is the ever-elusive manger scene. I would like to see a manger scene in the Town Squares of Edgefield and Trenton and at the Johnston Town Hall. I would like to see the county support Christmas by allowing a Nativity display at every single Fire Station in the county.

I am not asking the towns or the county to provide any funds to supply or construct the manger scenes. I believe given the opportunity local churches would jump at the chance to do that. It is time for our county and local leaders to put up or shut up. All claim to be “God fearing Christians” and they are there to represent God fearing Christian people so they should be willing to govern according to the will of those who elect them.

Liberals and the ACLU want to proclaim an unwritten establishment clause of the Constitution as a reason for local governments to deny such displays. Of course, quietly ignoring the written part that states government shall not prohibit the expression of religion. Refusing to let citizens display a Nativity scene on publicly owned property is a restriction.

Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and even Ramadan are celebrated in schools. Some schools even allow students to dress as Muslims and recite Islamic prayers as a part of “diversity”. But mention the word Christmas and all heck breaks loose.

If that is not bias against Christianity I don’t know what is. Of course, it is not surprising. First I would like to remind everyone Christ tells us that to be a Christian is to be hated by the world and the left in America obviously oppose anything Christian. They promote the killing of the unborn, removing crosses from public areas, removal of the Ten Commandments from schools and public buildings, and removal of morals as a whole.

They have gone so far that the many frescos of Moses holding the Ten Commandments on the US Supreme Court building are now referred to as a wise man holding the bill of rights by tour guides. Some new coins will remove In God We Trust from the face and begin placing it on the thin edge of the coinage. One more step in removing God from all things American.

So we remove God, we remove Jesus, and you would think the left would be happy right? Nope, a Warrick Pennsylvania woman made a school stop having “Breakfast with Santa” because Santa is a “religious symbol” of Christmas, which of course has to do with the birth of Christ. The local school board cowered down and changed the name to “Winter Wonderland Breakfast.” Are you paying attention?

The unidentified woman said, “This shouldn’t be just for one person or two person’s religions, I wanted to represent all, not just a few. “ Odd, she never complained about Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and even Ramadan being celebrated. I guess someone also forgot to inform her Christmas is about Christ and that over 80% of all American’s claim to be Christians. I will give her the point in that the many need to be complied with – too bad for her that majority is the Christians. But in the national media and politically correct left, it was a win.  

The one obvious fact that cannot be disputed is the left in our government and the national media hates Christians. Do not blame them. It would be like blaming a snake for being a snake. Blame the right in our government and Christians as a whole for allowing it to happen. More importantly, if you agree with me, blame yourself as I do. We, the public, elect those who impose this oppression upon us.

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