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Welcome to the Obama Twilight Zone

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 28, 2009
COLUMN – The world in which we live in has been turned upside-down and it is as if we are living in the twilight zone. Cue music. “You're traveling to another dimension, a dimension of time and space, a dimension of sight and of mind. You've just crossed over into...the Twilight Zone,” as Rod Sterling would say.

Eight years ago the United States was attacked by Muslim terrorists on 9/11; the media rehashed daily their chiding of President Bush for taking “minutes” to comment on the situation. So far the US has been attacked twice in two months and where is President Obama with his statements of leadership?

I guess we will have to continue to wait since he’s on vacation.

Both recent terrorist attacks; the Ft. Hood terrorist attack by US Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan that killed 12 and wounded 31 in November, and the failed attack on Delta flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, of Nigeria, on Christmas Day have one thing in common. They were both Muslims.

Two Muslim terrorist attacks and the only official word from Obama is to tell everyone not to jump to conclusions about Maj. Hasan and, as of this writing three days later after the failed Dec. 25 attack, Obama has yet to speak to the nation. And the media is actually fawning over his running to stick his incompetent head into the politically correct sands and saying nothing - calling it “calm” and being “cool” under pressure.

That’s “major media” journalism for you, leftist style. Government run and government controlled with 95% of those within contributing, covering, and “reporting” on the Democrat Party controlled federal government “objectively”. Bush was an idiot for not getting on TV then and there. Obama, on the other hand, the longer he waits the more intelligent he becomes.

The fact remains that more US citizens have been killed by Muslim terrorists under Obama’s watch in one year than died at anytime after 9/11 under Bush. Not counting 9/11, Bush went the remaining years without a singe attack on our soil.

Enter Obama, who writes lovingly of his Muslim “brothers” in his books, and we get two in less than two months. Both attacks launched in time for the Christian celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And all Obama has for the US is to not to jump to conclusions? That’s change you can believe.

I guess Obama bowing to the Muslim kings in the Middle East just didn’t do enough to avoid terrorist attacks. It did do one thing. It empowered the terrorists.

They now know they have a Muslim child taught in Muslim schools, who attended a radical church led by Jeremiah Wright who preached America was Satan, leading the United States and he will refrain from taking a stand to protect America at all costs. No, they know Obama is a coward.

Or, maybe they believe his is one of them.

I find it interesting that Obama talks about the wars we are involved in with Muslim terrorists, yet, somehow, he always forgets to use two words even once while reading his teleprompter. Victory or winning seem to be lacking in his vast and superior vocabulary.

Get ready folks, this type of thing is going to be a common event in the US and it is all by design. It will be used not to contain the terrorists, but the US citizens. And it also offers a perfect distraction from the Democrats passing health care takeover legislation that over 70% of Americans don’t want.

Taking over more in your life to “protect” you from terrorists, just like their “health care plan”, will require, note the words, “sacrifice on your part”. What you will sacrifice is liberty for safety and you will end up with neither.

The reality is they, Obama and the Democrats, think you are too stupid to do anything for yourself and it is their job to take care of you, the poor stupid minions over which they rule. Obama himself, in his one and only private sector job, said he was “working behind enemy lines” in his own book.

Think about that, we are his enemies, not the terrorists he refuses to call terrorists. Small business owners who provide 80% of jobs, we are the enemy. Large private corporations should be toppled and brought under government control. First the banks, then the auto manufacturers, next the insurance providers, and lastly the medical profession.

Take a step back out of the Twilight Zone, turn the channel, and join the majority of real Americans who live in reality.

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