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Obama: Republican's need to listen to the American citizens

A column by the Editor
web posted January 28, 2013

COLUMN – At Obama's second inauguration he laid out an agenda that Karl Marx, liberals, Democrats, the so-called "main-stream-media (MSM)" and communists can all be proud of - and they are. A liberal Mecca of socialism/fascism and a State-run society of "fairness" and "equality", that in reality is neither fair nor equitable. However, the "low-information voter" sucks up the carefully crafted sound bites that fill the evening news like a biscuit does gravy.

President Obama just this weekend said that Republicans need to listen to the voice of the American people on his anti-American gun proposals. The fawning leftist media bring forth the talking points provided by Obama and the Democrats and restate them as if they are facts. However, the reality is it would do Obama, Democrats and the MSM well to heed Obama's advice.

In recent polls by Rasmussen, the most respected in the polling community, shows it is Obama and the Democrats that are "out of touch" with the American people. The polls found 74% say Americans have a Constitutional right to own firearms. 64% see gun ownership as being a tool against a tyrannical federal government. 57% say that enforcing current gun laws is more important than new gun laws.

And why doesn't Obama, if liberal bastions of Democrat rule are to be the model of society, point to his corrupt hometown of Chicago and the success of gun bans there. It may be because the Democrat controlled states and cities with gun bans have the highest violent crimes statistics and murder rates with firearms. Seven people were killed on the streets of Chicago on this past Saturday night alone.
Why doesn't Obama point to Washington D.C., New York City or Detroit as proof that his agenda is best for America? Because doing so would prove he and his Democrat minions, including the media, are bald faced liars.

These liberal Mecca's prove just the opposite, when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns. Believe it or not, they are called "criminals" for a reason, they don't obey the laws already.
Would any of Obama's suggested draconian gun laws prevented the mass shooting of 20 children in Newtown? In a word, no. Those guns were legally obtained by a law abiding citizen who was murdered by her crazed son before he stole her guns. In fact, no so-called "assault weapon" was used during the shooting spree, only pistols. The AR-15 was found locked in the trunk of the shooter's car.

It is also important to point out that the Bill of Rights secured freedoms given by God in Natural Rights, not government, and were put in place to prevent government from trampling on those rights.

I also find it hugely ironic that the very weapons that Obama wants to ban from American citizens, including already banned fully automatic weapons, were the very weapons that Obama ordered to be sold to Mexican drug lords with the "Fast and Furious" scandal that the media to this day refuses to cover.
Odd, is it not, that Obama allowed drug lords to illegally purchase auto and semi-automatic "assault weapons" while he would now deny a citizen from being able to own to counter an attack by the very people he armed? It is the height of hypocrisy, just like in Chicago.

The blood of hundreds of dead Mexicans and at least two Border Patrol Officers are on the hands of Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Remember, it was Holder who stated the American people needed to be "brainwashed" in their thinking of gun rights.

But that is the way liberals believe. I would say think, but thinking is not a part of the liberal mindset. "Feeling" is far more important.  

As I have stated before, any weapon that the federal government does not want a law abiding citizen to own, you need at least two.

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