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Our Lawless President: Obama Thumbs His Nose at Constitution

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 9, 2011

COLUMN – There is an old saying that goes something along the lines of, "when the law breaks the law there is no law". I get the feeling our President shows this type of disregard for our Constitution and the Rule of Law it imposes on government. Time and again Federal Judges rule against his fanatical leftist agenda, orders, and Obamacare. But does Obama care? Obviously not, he ignores them and imposes his will upon the nation as a Ruler, not a President.

Shortly after the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform exploded and sank, causing the largest oil spill in the gulf, Obama imposed a ban on most offshore drilling. Not so fast, oil companies sued and U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman of New Orleans lifted the ban as outside the rule of law and outside the scope of Presidential powers. Obama just removed the ban, then imposed other rules to keep the ban in place. The court has now held "the government" (i.e. Obama,) in "contempt" of the ruling.

Shortly after the midterm election rout, Obama said he was disappointed that Congress, even with then overwhelming Democrat majorities, failed to pass his bill of imposing limits on energy production and greenhouse gas emissions. Congress made it clear then, and now with the Republican majority in the House, that no such bill would be passed.

That pesky little Constitution gets in his way again. No biggie, Obama just orders the EPA to impose the same rules even though Congress has said no. Thankfully the new Congress is about to step in and rein in the runaway totalitarian, I mean President, and roll back the EPA into following the law.

Then along comes ObamaCare.

70% of the people said no, but Obama wanted his "signature" authoritarian grasp on the people's throats, um, I mean his legislation, passed and his liberal Congress bowed down quicker than Obama can bow and kiss the ring of an Arab dictator and passed it without reading the unconstitutional power grab.

Then half the States in the Union sue and Federal Judge Roger Vinson throws the whole law out as unconstitutional. Poor Nancy Pelosi. She said they needed to pass the law to find out what was in it. Well, on top of being unconstitutional, they should have read it and placed a "severability clause" in the bill. Because they didn't, if any part of the law is ruled unconstitutional the whole law is out.

Does Obama care? No, it's a just an activist judge, although even liberal pundits predict the Supreme Court will uphold Judge Vinson. However, Obama is still enforcing his illegal law on the people.

Republicans in the House are moving to defund the massive healthcare takeover and several states are moving forward with their own 10th amendment rights to ignore the law through nullification.

Obama is trying, but that irritating Constitution keeps getting in his way - and he keeps ignoring it as he sticks his nose in the air and lectures those who disagree with his almighty demands.

The good news is that in spite of Obama's open admission that he thinks our Constitution is "flawed" and gives too many "negative rights" (rights to the people, not the government), his being elected is one of the best things to ever happen to modern America.

An ultra-liberal president put in the White House with a veto-proof liberal Democrat majority in both houses of Congress gave America a view of left-wing nutcase liberalism on display like never before. With such repugnance and arrogance shoved down the throats of hard working tax paying Americans, they revolted at the ballot box last November and threw out Democrats in numbers never seen before.

Obama says he doesn't want to re-fight the past two years during the next two years of his administration. I guess not, everything he's done has been unconstitutional and has increased our debt to levels never before seen.

Though the control of the Looney Left has been crushed in Congress, we still have the media's American Idol sitting in the White House. At least 2012 is just around the corner and Obama and one third of the Senate is up for election, or rejection, as the case may be.

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