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It's The Little Things In Life

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 24, 2016
COLUMN-- I was born to an amazing family. I was Baptist raised, to a loving family right here in Edgefield county. Being the youngest, I never had a want for anything. Most people would call me spoiled, my siblings sure did. I spent my childhood without a care in the world. Growing up didn't seem so tough.

My siblings would always help me with my homework, and we all split chores. My chore was to feed the dog and give him water, tough stuff I know. During free time we rode bikes, went skating, climbed trees, and built forts. On rainy days we would plan for a movie. We would clean the house up without being told, cut out move tickets from paper, make popcorn, and created our very own version of a movie theater. Our parents would be so impressed that we cleaned the house without them asking, and that we were all actually getting along! To reward us, they bought us a 2 liter soda. We were so proud of ourselves.

Going to bed was always a struggle however. Since I was the youngest, I had the earliest bedtime. It was so unfair that everyone else got to stay up later than me! To make me feel better, my dad would tell me I could stay up 5 minutes later if he could tickle me without me laughing. I would always put on a straight and serious face and try so hard not to laugh, but to no avail, I would laugh. Every. Single. Time. But my dad would still let me stay up an extra 5 minutes and that was all I needed to feel like I was special.

One memory that I'm most fond of is one Mother's Day my dad handed my mom $300 in cash. He told her they were going shopping, but there was a catch. She had to spend exactly $300. A penny more or a penny less and she had to take it all back. (Yeah right)! So we all piled in the car and traveled from store to store as my mom picked out shoes and clothes. By the end of the trip she had a few dollars and some change left. We all ventured into our last stop. Sportsmans corner. My mother picked out a few candy bars and with the last remaining change she bought the $0.01 candy they had at the register. We all cheered that my mom had completed the task. Mainly because we couldn't bare going to another store. But seeing the love my parents had for each other, and knowing that you're never too old for challenges and games made this a memory I would truly cherish.

Memories don't stop at childhood though. My dad and I got into a routine. Usually by the time I came home from classes, he was home. He would be in his office working. As he heard my car pull up he would lift part of the blind on the window to see who it was, I would get out of my car. Put a big cheesy smile on my face, and wave at him. I never thought it meant much to him. But one day, I pulled up and had my hands full, therefore I didn't do my usual wave, and I started to walk past his window. He immediately started tapping on the window, so I looked up, laughed and found the strength to lift my arm ever so slightly and wave at him. What I wouldn't give to replay that moment once more. 

These memories all came back to me while I was tucking my niece in. After spending the last few hours of the day with her, I realized just how precious little moments are. I have been so caught up in studying for midterms, and doing lab reports, that I haven't made the time for the little moments in life. Moments that turn into memories. Like doing silly dances, or painting nails, or letting her sit in the front seat  as we drive down the driveway. They seem so simple, but to a child they're memories that last a lifetime. And even the smallest of moments can make the biggest impacts.

My challenge to you: Make memories and enjoy the little things in life. They matter more than you may think.

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