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Obama: Liar in Chief

A Column by the Editor
web posted February 25, 2013

COLUMN – Obama has been lying through his teeth over the sequester, the term for the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts designed by his White House and signed off on by him personally, saying the world basically will come to an end and the economy will grind to a halt. Oh, and he's blaming the Republicans for his brain-child. When Congress tried to undue the cuts with other legislation a year and a half ago Obama said he would veto any legislation that would prevent the sequester. It's his baby now.

The liberal media, Democrats, and even some Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon saying something has to be done to avert yet another Obama created "crisis".

Here is the truth in the matter. If America cannot cut the growth in spending anywhere between 1.5% to 3.8%, depending on the departments targeted, we are headed to becoming Greece on steroids. Notice the words "growth in spending" because they hold the truth in this sky is falling rant by Obama and the main stream media.

There are no cuts to the federal budget (which another budget has not been passed since 2009 when Congress was controlled by Democrats).

Because of the massive 29% increase in spending in the 2009 budget, each following year would see similar "growth in spending" over the prior year which has led to Obama creating more debt in 4 years than all presidents before him combined. In other words, there are built-in increases, many in double digit percentages, over the prior year's funding.

What the sequester does is slow down the amount of the increase in spending. Even with the "draconian" and "devastating cuts", as Obama has said repeatedly, each targeted department will still get more money to spend this year than they received last year. The spending is still going up, just at a slower pace.

Put this into real life terms. Let's say you have a job making $10 per hour and under the current budget at the company you were scheduled to get a 10% raise to $11 an hour, or $400 a week to $440 a week for a 40 hour week. But the president of the company announced that due to a new law, you would only be getting a 6% raise rather than the 10%. So, with this draconian "cut" your life is going to fall apart.

Now, you are still making more money ($10.60 and hour) taking you from $400 a week to $424 a week. How does having more money to spend get counted as a "cut" in the first place?

Easy, Obama is a liar, his employees that he appointed to head up the agencies start mouthing disaster and doom and gloom, and the liberal media repeats the lies over and over so that the uneducated and the "low information voters" lap it up like kittens at a bowl of milk.

Face facts, if America cannot trim the "growth" of deficit spending (money we borrow each year to pay our collective government bills) the now nearly $17 trillion debt is going to skyrocket until we are bankrupted.

I said it before, this is not by accident. I believe Obama wants America to be destroyed from within because he hates our Constitutional Republic. He is left of Lenin and has the same ideology on how to rule, not govern.   

I say we need to make real cuts, below the "baseline spending" levels. If we can't, we will never be able to pay our debts, much less continue to remain the sole world power (something else Obama hates about America).

America better wake up and stop watching the state controlled media outlets running propaganda scripted by Obama and the White House. Read the facts, educate yourself, because that is one thing the government and the liberal media doesn't want you to do - become an educated self-thinker.

That makes you dangerous to "Dear Ruler" and the ruling class - both Democrats and Republicans included.

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