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Administrator's Childish Antics are Getting Old

A Column by the Editor
web posted March 3, 2011

COLUMN – It is painfully obvious that Edgefield County Administrator Alton Brown must be trying to get fired or is trying to get the county sued, or both. He has created a very hostile work environment for elected officials, of whom he serves. Disrespecting your bosses is childish and Brown repeatedly sees how far he can push the envelope. It is the same way with small young immature children. They will test the limits of their parents at an early age. However, Brown is neither small nor young but he has immature down pat.

In his latest droning on in the Tuesday night County Council meeting about how important he is and why his comments never spoken should be a part of the official record, he claims reporting by Edgefield Daily is "inaccurate" and needs correcting by the almighty Alton Brown. It is laughable when his own spoken words find him making false claims as he tried to discredit factual reporting, the opinion columns, or reader comments he does not like.

Mr. Brown also includes comments by citizens who read and offer their own opinions in the Wandering Minds and falsely attributes them to myself as comments I made in the disputed pages Brown got added into the minutes of the county council record.

He has even been informed of this fact and has yet to retract his claims.

"My comments (July 2010) were made from knowledge and law, to put the pettiness behind us and move on with the renovation (of the Calliham building). And to protect an employee from an unwarranted abuse and criticism and to clarify some codes and statutes. And, the Edgefield Daily editor had alleged corruption and receiving kickbacks on the part of employees by name without offering any documentation," Brown said during the meeting Tuesday night.

Of course, none of it is true.

I would love to see Mr. Brown provide proof of his slanderous claims made on behalf of the county (he is the spokesperson for the county as Administrator) during a public meeting of the county. He can't because the statements he claims I made were never said, written, or published. He made the same unfounded claim in July.

But why let facts get in the way of his diatribe filled with other such inaccuracies, as he likes to accuse me of as the editor?

Aside from his baseless attacks on Edgefield Daily or myself, Brown has an uncanny knack for making his bosses lives as miserable as he can as he does other elected officials. One who had to pay an outside vendor to block his emails due to what was claimed to be harassment by Brown.

Yet this arrogant twit has the nerve to claim he is the one in a "hostile work environment"?

He verbally attacked two sitting council members and then candidate (now Chairman) Dean Campbell during a meeting, by name, with baseless accusations last summer.

He refused to yield the floor to Vice-chairwoman Blackwell at Tuesday night's meeting by trying to talk over her forcing her to call a "point of order" in order to shut up his "sideshow", as she called it.

He ignored Chairman Campbell's instruction to skip his own claimed legal opinions while reading his prepared diatribe when told the council had already received a "legal opinion" on the matter during the executive session.

He disrespected the highest constitutional officer in the county, Sheriff's Dobey, with his condescending remarks after the Sheriff simply stated he wanted to supply Brown with information he claimed he didn't have in order to make an informed recommendation on the purchase of patrol cars.

That's absurd. Brown has all the information he needed to make an informed opinion, it has been presented at meetings for the past year or more.

Maybe Brown is spending too much time doing his blogging in the county council minutes than he is doing his job. 

In my opinion, Brown has long outstayed his welcome and there are a number of elected officials outside of the county council who agree with me.

I can only hope that members of the county council see the same disrespect and, in my opinion, insubordination as well and will send him packing. The sooner the better.

As a caveat, if I controlled or had great influence over some members of council as he has so claimed, there would be a vote on him keeping his job at every single meeting.

I guess that false claim to is now debunked as well.

Furthermore, Mr. Brown wants to push the claim that Edgefield Daily is a blog. He might want to do his homework for a change. As a credentialed media outlet, we are also the only local media outlet listed by OnlineNewsPapers.com for Edgefield County.

We have also been credited with more breaking news than all county media outlets combined by other area media just this year than they have in the past six years we have been in business.

Add that to your comments to the minutes of meetings by the county council Mr. Brown.

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