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The Norman Dorn Show: Next Episode in Production Now

A Column by the Editor
web posted March 12, 2012

COLUMN – It is inevitable that in most county council meetings Norman Dorn is going to go off on a tirade, most of which is unintelligible, to display his ignorance for the world to see. The sad part is Dorn actually thinks the people rolling their eyes, and covering their mouths not to laugh, see him as brilliant. Norman Dorn gave a spectacular performance at Thursday night's meeting. Here are some of the highlights.

[Editor's note: A YouTube Norman Dorn Show is currently in the works to hear every word, or things disguised as words, for yourself. A link will be provided when production is complete.] You can download a copy of the recording here [1MB in Windows format]. This link will be removed once the Video is available on YouTube.

Dorn began by ranting about voting on the annual audit and didn't understand how he was supposed to know what it meant because it is just "shoved" in front of him. In reality, a copy is provided to each county council member and it is reviewed by the representative of the firm checking our tax money use. Obviously everyone else on the council understands information when they see it, but Dorn does admit he can't figure out a smart question to ask.

Dorn then switches gears to former Tax Assessor Kiesha Bryant being removed from her position to another created job just for her. He felt she was being forced out, wrongly, and then admitted in his own words that since she took the position people across the county have been complaining about her performance running the office "from sun rise to sunset". He said there was nothing ever heard about the Treasurer's Office or others - only Ms. Bryant's.

I am still trying to figure out if Norman Dorn realizes he answered his own stupid question on why she was moved? In my opinion, she should have been demoted if not fired for the very reasons Mr. Dorn pointed out.

He claimed that if people build a $250,000 house they should not expect to pay "third world taxes" on the house. He went on to say, as he so often does, that less than "4 football fields out that front door - my sister has been living in our parent's and grandparent's house since 1889 and never once complained about the taxes."

Now, I know Mr. Dorn is old, but if his sister had been living in that house for 123 years, she's really old.

Then Dorn went off the deep end trying to brag about his expensive car and then outright lying about his fellow county council members. "I got one car that I pay more taxes on than anyone on this board (council) pays on their residence that they live in." He claims to be paying his "fair share" of taxes and insinuated that he pays more county taxes than anyone else on the county council.

Let's do a little "fact checking" shall we?

According to public records, Mr. Dorn owns a 2008 Mercedes Benz that for the tax year 2011 was taxed $941.69. His house, on the other hand, was taxed only $454.25. It's pretty sad when the taxes on your car are double those on your house.

Not getting into the vehicles that the other county council members own and pay taxes on (he doesn't want to go there I assure you), here are the 2011 tax bills for the three council members' homes he was directing his comments.

Vice Chair Genia Blackwell: $959.86 (more)
Chairman Dean Campbell: $1,436.33 (more)
Councilman Rodney Ashcraft: $3,982.33 (4 times more)

Of course, your residence is taxed at 4% and vehicles at 6%.

As the wild rant continued, Dorn went on to fuss that for years he and Councilman Bright have gone on a taxpayer funded trip to Hilton Head for a week until the "new council" came on board who put stop to unneeded spending. Dorn, who has been on council for 20 years, said he needs to attend classes so he knows how to do his job.

Really? After 20 years you still don't know how to do your job as a county council member? Sorry, that's a rhetorical question.

He complained that $800 was used to pay insurance on the "Calliham building". I think the price is higher, and the county owns the building Mr. Dorn. You voted to buy it in case you don't remember.

More than likely he was referring to the Edgefield American Legion Post where the county holds elections for two precincts twice every two years. Yes, the county forces people to use the building to vote so the county makes sure there is insurance in case some gets hurt.

Mr. Dorn said his grandmother told him it doesn't matter what people say about you, "as long as what they say is the truth." So I am sure Mr. Dorn will not be upset about this column pointing out how useless he is on the county council and how ignorant he is on how the county council works after "serving" for 20 years - using his own words.

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