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Praise God! "This is Good, This is Very Good!"

A Column by the Editor
web posted March 30, 2015

COLUMN If you do not believe Jesus is alive and well you are missing out on a lot that God has to offer. If you do not believe that God is in control of things you are missing out on even more. Having been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just two days before Christmas last year my bride and I changed our prayers and turned all of our troubles over to God and claimed the promises of Jesus like never before. It was far too much for us to handle.

We were seeing a doctor we did not know, he just happened to be the one we were assigned to in order to get chemo treatments underway. We told him we wanted to see other doctors in order to find one we felt comfortable with. We began praying first that Jesus' promise of healing was true because He says so in the Bible. We turned all of that over to Him so that we did not have that worry hanging over our head and clouding our minds.

Next we began praying that as we started seeing these other Doctors that we wanted God to choose the doctor He wanted to treat me. We wanted a doctor who was a Christian first and foremost. We then asked that when we saw the right doctor that we wanted God to give us a sign so there would be no mistake in who God had chosen. One by one we met with them, but nothing was coming of it, no signs, nothing. So we kept praying.

In early January I began having trouble eating. Food was getting blocked trying to get into my stomach and I ended up in the hospital for about a week until it cleared up. That is when we met two doctors, the first was Dr. Ronald Brown and the second was Dr. John Hudson.

Dr. Brown was treating me for the blockage and Dr. Hudson was filling in for my Oncologist who was nowhere to be found. We liked both, but had limited contact with them.

About a week after being released from the hospital I had another blockage and I could not get any food or water down, not even enough to take my medications. That Thursday night we prayed extra hard that God would clear my blockage so that I could eat and take my medications. When I woke up at 6 am that Friday morning it was still blocked. We didn't know what to do other than call Dr. Brown.

We expected to have to make an appointment and in all likelihood I was going to have to go back in the hospital. But within 10 or 15 minutes Dr. Brown called us back himself. He was at the hospital and had several procedures he was going to perform that day. He told us his nurse would call us and within about 15 minutes she called, Dr. Brown wanted us at the endoscopy suite by 11 am.

We were not even listed as a patient of his, but we arrived and they were waiting on us. He walked in as I was being prepped for my procedure. He began explaining everything to us, including how he would clear the blockage. He then told us he knew we had been praying over this, yet we never mentioned praying once. He then prayed over us, blessing us, the procedure, even the room we would be in when it was done.

In less than a half hour he had found that the opening to my stomach was the smallest he had ever seen and was able to insert a "balloon" and open it up to normal size. He said I would never have any more trouble with eating again and to this day I haven't.

We asked about the blockage and he told us there was none. Everything was clear. You see, God had answered our prayer and cleared it so Dr. Brown could do his work.

As we got in our car to go home we sat there in awe. Everything that had just taken place was controlled by God. I was not, nor am I still, a patient of Dr. Brown's, but he was where God needed him to be to help me. He knew we had been praying and even prayed for us. It was all God's doing. All we could do was praise God for being in control and answering our prayers.

Our attention and daily prayers went back to finding the right oncologist, still asking God to choose for us and to give us a sign when we found him. We were to see my regular oncologist one day but he was out and we saw Dr. Hudson instead. As we talked with him there was a calm that came over us. He spoke of my cancer and options. He then said something we did not expect, though there is not supposed to be a cure, he used the word cure saying that "all things are possible" to which my bride added, "with God". He then told us he was a Christian.

He also happened to be the next doctor on our list to visit to choose the doctor that would be treating me. We kept the appointment and once again he used the word cure during our conversation. When we left we knew that he was the doctor that God wanted to treat me. Twice he used the word cure, a sign from God as no other doctor would dare use the word for a cancer that they claim has no cure.

Twice God had given us the sign we asked for, it was time to accept it as just that.

We told Dr. Hudson we wanted to move my care to him and he took over. We had already started the chemo treatments and had a PET scan that showed where the tumor in my lung was and where it had spread to in my body. But he was very positive and upbeat during every visit.

We continued to pray on Jesus' promises of healing, turning all of our worries over to Him. This was not my cancer because I didn't own it, Jesus does. Twice, groups of men, strong Christian men, came to lay hands on me and pray for my healing as we are instructed in the Bible. We also read books on healing before our scripture readings and prayer time every night.

During one visit I explained that I was taking less pain killers and could feel the lymph nodes in my left shoulder at my neck were getting softer and smaller. Dr. Hudson felt them and said they did feel "softer", but reminded us the type of tumors I had were "very hard" to shrink, most just hope to maintain them and prevent spreading.

Again we reminded him that all things are possible through God. We continued our prayers, readings and Bible study each night.

This past Tuesday I had my second PET scan. The treatment plan is a Pet scan, four treatments three weeks apart, a scan and then a discussion on what the next course of treatment would be.
On Friday we went in to get the results of the second scan. As we sat there waiting I felt a calm come over me and I began to smile, thinking back on something my Bride prayed a day or two before, how she couldn't wait for God to show us His hand at work in my body. Proof that His promises were being kept just as our many prayers had been answered.

I looked over at her and she was smiling as well. Before I could get her attention Dr. Hudson came in the room holding the results. He smiled and said, "This is good. This is very good". He went on to explain that the tumor areas that we were watching had shrunk, not just a little, but substantively. Not only that, but they were "less active". Not just a little, a lot less active. One area he discounted altogether.

Not only that, but the original tumor in my lung had also shrunk and it too was a lot less active. Something that just doesn't happen. In addition, I am gaining weight, not losing it. I have gained a full 20 pounds since starting treatments. I had lost down to just under 130 pounds. I am now right at or just over 150 pounds, right where I should be for my height and I am always hungry. 

He said whatever we were doing we needed to keep doing it. We told him that we were expecting a good report because we have been praying for a report like this and that God's hand was at work and He has shown us over and over He is in control.

We discussed that we would continue the same treatments since the results were so abnormally good, and that we would continue praying and would ask those who are also praying for us to continue to pray with us. I don't know who was more excited, us, or him. He had the biggest smile on his face as we left.

As we walked out we gave praise to the Lord and thanking God. We couldn't wait for our readings, Bible study and most of all our prayer time Friday night. We continued our praise to the glory and power of God and the healing power of Jesus. We haven't stopped yet. We always ask God to bless each and every person who is praying for me, my bride and our family. We are all in this together.

God is not done with me yet, there is still a lot of work to do. And we will be right here praying right along with all those who are praying with us as God continues to show us His power. Praise God in the highest. For our Savior Jesus Christ is alive and well and still healing just as the Bible promises He would.

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