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The Tax Man Cometh: Keep Working "Tax Freedom Day" Not Till April 21

A Column by the Editor
web posted April 15, 2014

COLUMN Today is the day that 49% of Americans dread, Tax Day - April 15. That's the day that working Americans have to settle up with the Federal and State governments for wage confiscation (taxes) that will then be redistributed to the 90+ million Americans who are not working and depend on you (ie: the government) to provide for them. Obama alone has accounted for 42 million people being added to the welfare rolls during his term and the great "recovery" he's overseen for the past 5 years.

According to a report released by the Tax Foundation, this year Tax Freedom Day - the day that working Americans earn enough money to pay all their taxes for the year - falls 111 days into 2014, or April 21. The amount of taxes owed, over $4.5 trillion, will be more than the average family will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.

In other words, you, the working stiff, pay more to the government than you do to survive with the basic necessities for you and your family. 

Meanwhile, President Obama, who promised he would not raise taxes on "working Americans" by a "single dime", has proposed a total of 442 tax increases. Though not all have been passed (not including over 20 tax increases contained in ObamaCare), many have been by regulations.

We file very extensive taxes every year, and a good accountant does not come cheap. That cost is not figured in to the "Tax Freedom Day" number. That is a cost that is borne by small business owners and comes right off the top line of profits. You know, that thing Democrats and liberal hate.

Profits are made by "greedy" people and companies and they should be taxed more. As a result, the money needed to pay the extra taxes results in fewer jobs. Rather than pay to employ people, the government takes that money and encourages more people not to work.

The Democrats are now pushing, in hopes of distracting from the disaster of ObamaCare, a raise in the minimum wage and the tired "income inequality gap" between men and women arguments. Even though the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that a rise in the minimum wage would result in the loss of millions of jobs, Nancy Pelosi proudly stated those people could be freed from "job lock", or stuck in a job they didn't like, and could then count on the government (ie: your tax dollars) to pursue things like poetry.

Not to mention, but the Democrats in Congress are the worst offenders in paying women less than men, including President Obama. But, the media is not focusing on the "do as I say do not as I do" hypocrisy of Obama or the Democrats. 

And the media and Democrats say the Republicans are "out of touch" with reality?

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