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The Norman Dorn Show Returns to County Council May 6

A Column by the Editor
web posted May 1, 2013

COLUMN – District One County Councilman Norman Dorn, true to form, is not going to let another budget year go by without performing for his "political base" - who is less informed on facts than Dorn is - at the May 6 County Council meeting. The meeting starts at 6 pm, the show should kick off about 6:30 and drag out the meeting for at least 45 minutes for no reason.

To make sure he gets his show times, Norman Dorn has added three items to the agenda. 

Under "Old Business:
Discussion of PARD money and recreation. Discussion requested by Councilman Dorn.
Discussion of the proposed Animal Shelter on Simmons Road. Discussion requested by Councilman Dorn.
Under "New Business"
Discussion of the advertising of County jobs in the local newspaper/hiring policy of the County. Discussion requested by Councilman Dorn.

So, for those who will attend the meeting as well as those who won't, let me give you a heads up on how the "show" will be performed.

Be assured, Norman Dorn will have a crowd of people show up that he feels he can impress with his inane rantings and disrespectful comments against "the man" (whoever that is supposed to be).

First the PARD money and recreation: Here Dorn will rant and rave about how the white members of the county council returned the Northside Part to the church that owned the property since it was found to be unsuitable for recreational purposes after the county spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to build the park on church property. Basketball court, baseball diamond and fencing and a covered pavilion to boot.

The only people to ever use the park for functions was the church, not the county.

I'm sure he will whine and moan about PARD money now going to the Merriwether Community Center just acquired by the county. The property has been inspected and is suitable for recreation including DHEC testing of the soil. Something that was never done at the Northside Park prior to spending nearly $50,000 that went down the drain.

Of course, this property was donated to the county for recreation for free by the Cooper family. Unlike the Northside Park which demanded a lease and demands for improvements and never tested by DHEC to support restroom facilities before improvements were made.

But, Dorn never lets facts get in the way or a rant.

The proposed (but not yet confirmed) location of the Animal Shelter on Simmons Road. One woman has shown up at meetings asking (obviously prompted questions) about noise and traffic as a reason to oppose the shelter. Simmons Road is a desolate area on a dirt road in which the county owns 250 acres.

But somehow, a small building on 250 acres of wooded area is going to create havoc for… I guess one person. It's an ignorant argument, thus it is being promoted by the most ignorant person on county council, Norman Dorn.

Then we come to "Discussion of the advertising of County jobs in the local newspaper / hiring policy of the County. This is a real head banger.

Dorn has his shorts in a bunch because an elected official fired someone. Oh, and that person happened to be black. First of all, the firing, which Dorn made public, not the elected official, is not under the purview of the county council. Elected officials can hire and fire at will - with or without cause. That's the law.

But what ubber-left Democrat ever cared about the law? Our own President has been ruled in contempt for overstepping his Constitutional powers, more than once, so Dorn is just riding the race game for political gain. Hopefully this will be a very short discussion. Chairman Dean Campbell should hammer this one down in short order, if he can find his never used gavel.

So come one come all to a spectacle you won't believe. Admission if free. Aspirin for your headache that results will not be provided, so bring your own.

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