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Is Richmond County Going Light on Riverwalk Thugs?

A Column by the Editor
web posted May 13, 2013

COLUMN A suspect in the brutal beating of Wesley Spires and Ashley Solesbee on the Riverwalk behind Port Royal has been apprehended. Robey Moses is in custody in Newberry and is said to be talking to Richmond County Investigators. Kevin Richardson remains at large. However, it is the announced charges that are drawing the most criticism from readers and conversations of the street around Edgefield County.

According to official press releases, Moses and Richardson will be charged with two counts each of "robbery by force" and "aggravated assault". Really? That's it?

These two animals are accused of using a baseball bat or pipe to beat Solesbee and Spires during the robbery resulting in serious injuries before stealing their property. Spires remains in critical condition in an induced coma fighting for his life. 

So let me see if I understand Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree's position. Two black thugs dressed in all black carrying a baseball bat while walking along Riverwalk at 11 pm attacking a young white couple is just "aggravating". And during the "aggravated" attack, the two just happen to rob the badly beaten couple, one hanging on to life through prayer, was just a robbery by "force".

Oh, and the report is also marked that the two black suspects and the vicious attack on two white victims had nothing to do with race. Not to mention that Moses and another suspect are also being held for a beating, robbing and stealing the car of another white South Carolina man leaving an Augusta eatery the night before.

No, these "alleged" criminals are not using race to target their victims. I see no connection in the cases. Black men attacking white citizens two days in a row is just happenstance. 

Now let me give you the same situation if Spires and his girlfriend had been in his home county with its own African-American Sheriff, Adell Dobey. Both suspects would have probably been charged with attempted murder on both victims. One of which they have almost completed, yet the prayers of others are being answered and Spires remains stable.

Both of them would also be most likely be charged with armed robbery. That carries a 25 years to life sentence if convicted alone. They not only presented a weapon, they used it, and with deadly force by the obvious results of their attacks.

It is only by the Grace of God they are not facing murder charges. I suppose if Spires were to die, Roundtree might upgrade the charges to manslaughter. After all, this is just a random act of violence, two days in a row by the same people, upon law abiding citizens who just happen to be white.

I hope Richmond County is happy with the results of their election. I can tell you without question, Edgefield County is not. Edgefield County elected a Sheriff - Richmond County elected a political hack with a badge.

Several funds have been opened at area banks to help pay medical bills for Spires. Fundraisers are also scheduled.

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