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It's the Spending Stupid!

A Column by the Editor
web posted August 8, 2011

OPINION – The Standard & Poor's downgrade of the US credit rating lies squarely at the feet of President Obama and the out-of-control spending he and his fellow Democrats (and some Republicans) have placed on the backs of working Americans since 2007. More so in the last two and a half years of the Obama Administration raising our debt more than every president combined from George Washington to Ronald Reagan.

The "mainstream media", a third arm of the Obama administration, is using the talking points of the White House to try to blame Republicans and specifically the TEA Party members of Congress calling them "terrorists", "crazy", and mentally challenged.

Before they get much further, it is time for some facts. Before the "debt crisis", House Republicans and the TEA Party members drafted and passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill. It passed with large bipartisan support.

S&P stated at the time that if the Bill was signed there would be no drop in America's credit rating.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reed would have none of it and killed the bill without ever giving it a vote.

Three more bills trying to stop the downgrade while agreeing to raise the debt ceiling were also rejected by Obama, Reed, and their fellow Democrats. Meanwhile, they and the media continued to tell the lie that it was the Republicans who were unwilling to "compromise" or "come up with a plan".
The truth, again, is that Obama nor the Democrats (when they controlled all three branches of government) have yet to pass a budget. Instead, they just kept spending and forced the country into the financial mess we are now in.

As soon as the "compromise bill" was worked out and signed, Obama immediately borrowed more money, taking our debt to 100% of the GDP, or the worth of the entire nation's economy, and he intends to borrow even more.

This indebtedness does not include the massive tax hikes and costs of ObamaCare ($1.7 Trillion) nor the regulatory stranglehold he has placed on the private sector, costing our economy jobs and companies, large and small, tens of billions of dollars. 

Obama killed tens of thousands of jobs by stopping offshore drilling. His EPA has cost tens of thousands more. Financial regulations, some which have yet to be written, have done equal damage. When Boeing announced they were going to open a new plant to produce its Dreamliner in South Carolina, Obama ordered his NLRB to sue and stop the jobs from coming to our state. Of course, this is just a pay-off to his Union buddies much they same way he wiped out secured investors in GM and handed control to the unions.

What a guy!

If America wants to get back on its feet and get rid of the enormous and unmanageable debt there are a few things that have to happen.

First, Obama will have to be fired in 2012. Second, the Senate Democrats should get their pink slips as well. Third, Passing a balanced budget amendment should be the first priority of a Republican controlled White House and Congress, hopefully with more TEA Party conservatives who care more about the country than anyone else in Congress. Fourth, Those "establishment" Republicans, well, they need to be sent home.

The most important thing is to rid our government of the "base line budgeting" process. By law, each part of government is set to increase in costs each year. Any "cuts" are to the increases, not actual cuts to the budget. This has to end. Real cuts need to take place. Duplicated services, government waste, and closure of some departments are a must. 

It is time for America to get her fiscal house in order, and anyone standing in the way should be removed from Congress. Including every member who refuses to pass a balanced budget amendment - Republican or Democrat.

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