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Derrick shames the Edgefield Advertiser for second week in a row

A Column by the Editor
web posted August 26, 2010

COLUMN – It is a shame that Suzanne Derrick, the “publisher/editor” of the Edgefield Advertiser, would rather continue proclaiming her make-believe world rather than own up to her false claims she published on Augusta 18. After exposing her phony claims, I fully expected to see her run a retraction in the August 25 edition of the paper. I suppose that was foolish on my part. Instead she continues to make unreal claims and apparently is in need of vocabulary lessons as well as lessons in journalistic integrity.

In the small item titled “Errata” in the Wednesday, August 25 edition of the discredited paper, something I will discuss later, Ms. Derrick now claims that the article she published was not ready for publication and was just a “draft” that was published by “mistake”. The odd thing is, when I contacted her last week after being advised of the false claims she made in the published piece she stated it was to be published that week as an editorial written “by the editor” and confirmed she penned the piece.

Yet, she now claims the article was awaiting “interviews” of the people she mentions as she recounts their story in the article.

In addition, in the article she told in full detail, even mentioning the date and time of how the understandably deeply grieved mother learned of her son’s death that Ms. Derrick falsely claimed was learned through Edgefield Daily and how horrible and devastating it was for her, and how irresponsible I was for allowing his name to be printed. Something that has been proven as an outright lie (with the exception that the entire family was devastated when notified of the death by the Edgefield County Coroner’s Office, not Edgefield Daily).

The libelous screed was presented as complete by identifying the tragic death of the young man by name, and therefore his mother, the time of his 6 am death, the mother [falsely reported as] reading the report at 7:30 am, and mentioning the “daily” internet news provider (in Edgefield County that is solely Edgefield Daily) who had the exclusive report on the fatal crash.

It was published with the intention to draw on the heartstrings of her readers in order to maliciously disparage Edgefield Daily, my position as the founder and editor of the my media company, and my personal character and reputation for something that never happened. 

And yet Suzanne Derrick, even being given the chance to retract her false attack, reaches further into the gutter in an effort to explain away her misdeeds with more excuses.

In the August 25 edition of the Edgefield Advertiser Ms. Derrick cannot even bring herself to publish the word “correction”. Instead she misuses a word (errata), a word she thinks the common folk who buy the paper would not understand while she is mildly admitting to a “mistake” thereby hoping the reader would not bother reading something with a title they do not comprehend.

However, the word errata is used in book publishing to state that pages included after the original publication were added to the body of work before distribution. The term may be used in any form of publishing, so in some way it could include newspapers. However, it is used to denote additional information provided at the time of distribution, not as a correction to false information presented in the previous publication unless otherwise denoted.

Furthermore, Ms. Derrick goes on to claim that the interviews for the “editorial/article” had not yet taken place and still have not been made, “before the redacted (ready for publishing) article is printed in this newspaper.”

Redacted, in the media industry, means material “taken out” for “sensitive reasons”, and not material “ready for publication”, as Ms. Derrick falsely stated.

To show just how deep the false attack on Edgefield Daily published by Ms. Derrick was against me personally, she now has admitted  - by her own published explanations - that she wrote an article with a preconceived viciousness and bias to a predetermined outcome long before she even contacted the people she named to back up her false claims published the week prior.

If the Edgefield Advertiser expects to continue as a legitimate news publication in Edgefield County, Suzanne Derrick has to step down and return the publication responsibilities to the honorable members of the Mims family who stand on truth and honesty - which earned the historic paper the reputation it has, or sadly, had.

As long as she is in control of the publication, nothing published by the Edgefield Advertiser can be believed as truthful as she has been proven to engage in knowingly publishing false information and then making up excuses to explain away her fantasy.

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