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Dem Platform: God and Jerusalem Out: Gay Marriage and Tax Funded Abortion In

A Column by the Editor
web posted September 6, 2012

COLUMN – I know Democrats must be thrilled this year. After the Party platform was approved on Tuesday by a vote of the delegates it threw God and Jerusalem out and beefed up its support for gay marriage and on-demand abortions funded by taxpayer dollars. Republicans were quick to pounce on the move and began putting the Democrats and Obama on the defensive. So much so that the party shoved the two back into the platform on Wednesday to the boos, hisses, and jeers of about half of those delegates in attendance.
A video of the party of "inclusion and tolerance" thrice called vote can be seen here.

Of course, even before Obama was elected President, he had already proclaimed that America was no longer a Christian nation in 2007, and he has been quoted repeatedly in speeches where he purposefully leaves out "endowed by their Creator" with rights when quoting the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. That's' no accident.

Obama has bowed to muslim leaders and spent the first year of his term on an apology tour to their nations about how America has been the problem, not the solution in the world.

He has openly supported gay marriage and voted as a Senator to allow doctors to kill babies born after a botched abortion, otherwise known as murder.

You Democrats must be so proud of "your guy".

Oh, and Democrats have more than doubled the number of muslim delegates at the DNC Convention this year alone. Isn't that interesting?

So, even though they have returned God and Jerusalem to the platform it is not a sincere addition, it was a reluctant one because it is an election year and Obama had to cover his political rear end. You can't tell me that Obama, the leader of the Democrat Party, was not actively involved in the wording of the platform before it was adopted. My guess is he wrote it to reflect his views alone. Politico reports Obama aproved the wording until Republicans made it an issue, then backtracked and said he was unware and was opposed to the changes. Down here we call that a lie.

I guess he didn't think FOX News would read the platform.

So, let's recap, to be a Democrat you support gays being able to marry, which God says is an "abomination", even in an "Obama-nation". Killing unborn babies is cool, though most are blacks, and it's okay to let the ones who survive an abortion to be killed anyway if Obama had his way.

What a caring guy!

You support amnesty for illegals since Obama has ordered the stop of deportations with a stroke of a pen, not the passage of laws by Congress, who happens to be the only ones able to define what the laws are.

You support Obama refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, something he is sworn to uphold and enforce as President, just because he's bigger than government, he's our ruler.

Who needs Congress or laws anyway? And the Constitutionally required budget that has to be passed every year. Budget, "We don't need no stinking budget," according to Obama and the Democrats. Three years and no budget allowed by the Democrat controlled Senate even though the House has passed one every year. (But the Republicans are the "obstructionists" in Congress)

You support Obama's grand promise to "cut the deficit in half" while he was increasing it by $6 Trillion - an all time high.

You support higher taxes on the middle class, i.e. ObamaCare

You support weakening our military and making us more dependent on oil from … yes, muslim states. Canadian pipeline, No! Drilling in the Gulf, No! Giving billions to other countries to drill in the gulf so we can buy the oil from them? Yes! Nice huh?

You support crushing regulations that have led to the worst economy since the Great Depression by putting a jackboot on the throats of small businesses keeping them from expanding and creating jobs.

In short, you support diminishing the stature of America as a whole and relegating us as "just another nation at the table of nations."

It must be a great year to be a Democrat. I don't envy any of you.

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