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Are Schools Killing Our Constitutional Republic on Purpose?

A Column by the Editor
web posted October 27, 2010

COLUMN – The “End of Course Data” for Edgefield County Schools was released recently and the School District championed the high passage numbers for arithmetic and English with a mediocre level of physical science. However, tucked away nicely in a small mention was the most important failure of the educational system - Strom Thurmond had only 25% passing questions on US History and the Constitution.

This is not new; it is happening all across the nation through directives of federal funds into our local school systems dictating what can be taught.

Fox Creek Charter High School did not fair much better across the board, but did so in the teaching of the building blocks of our Republic with 53% at least having a basic knowledge of our constitutional rights and the limitations placed on government.

Sadly in the best case scenario 75% of Strom Thurmond students do not have the basic knowledge of the fabric that holds this collection of independent states in a union and almost half of Fox Creek students are among their ranks.

Edgefield County is a microcosm of our nation and provides great teachable moments in the direction our county, state, and country are heading.

Schools continue to graduate, or for politically corrective purposes promoting a graduating “certificate”, of students who are woefully unprepared to become true citizens. As such, they lack the knowledge of the limits placed on our federal and state governments by the Constitution through designed ignorance.

And through this charade, the principles that founded this great experiment in individual freedom known as the United States of America are being eroded.  Students are being taught they have “rights” that they do not have.

People claim a right to a home and if they cannot afford one it should be provided. People claim a right to food even though they have not toiled any soil or performed any work to garner wages to purchase it. A “right” to an education that many do not even want or pay for (over the 40% of all high school students drop out of school and many more in alternative schools, and many come from families that do not pay income or property taxes).

Our founding documents state everyone has a God given “right” to pursue happiness, but there is no right given to the government to provide a safety net to make sure you obtain riches and “happiness” you never earned nor do you have a right not to be “offended” when someone points that out to you.

“All men (and women) are created equal”, and the equality ends there. It is the life choices one makes that determines if you live in a swanky house in a gated community or live under a bridge begging for change for your next meal.

It is wonderful our children are learning math and English, but the basic fabric of our nation is being intentionally under taught by design. Those who hold far left agendas, including teacher’s unions, liberal Democrats (and Republicans, ie: Sen. Lindsey Graham), and our president, lead the way.

Those who have very little knowledge of the Constitution and our history are not capable of maintaining our Republic and the Rule of Law for future generations. 

I am not belittling our local school district; I am a product of it during the late 60’s until 1980 and I know these principals well by attending Civics classes in addition to South Carolina and US history classes. But it is obvious that one of the most important parts of the local educational branch is in dire need of improvement.

If the teachers responsible for teaching our children one of the most important subjects in the curriculum, History and the Constitution, they should be held accountable and if they cannot do the job, fire them and get someone who can.

The way I read the report, they get a failing grade with a 25 grade average. 

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