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County Councilman Norman Dorn's Dumb and Dumber Requests

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 2, 2013

COLUMN The agenda for the Edgefield County Council meeting to be held Tuesday night was released just before Thanksgiving and contains two items from Councilman Norman Dorn. My question is why the items were even allowed to be on the agenda in the first place since the county council cannot, by law, approve either request. Further, why did Chairman Dean Campbell, who has to approve the agenda prior to release, allow them as well.

Here are the requests by Councilman Dorn listed under new business:

1.    Consideration of Approval of use of PARD Funds.
Mr. Dorn has requested the use of PARD funds to improve the Macedonia Community Center and the Colliers Community Center.

2.    Consideration of approval of funding for Macedonia Community Center & Colliers Community Center.
Mr. Dorn has requested the use of some of the bond money received from the $1.2 million general obligation bond for improvements to Macedonia Community Center and Colliers Community Center.

Now, to the "low information voter" these may seem like legitimate requests, but they are not and Dorn - who has been on the county council for well over 20 years - knows it, or at least should.

Let's take the first request, PARD funds for the two community centers. PARD funds cannot be used for property the county does not own or lease. So the item and request should not be allowed on the agenda to give "Dumb Dorn" a platform to grandstand at the meeting displaying his ignorance while undoubtedly belittling the white members of the council as he so often does.

On the second agenda item, consideration of using a portion of the $1.2 million bond issue to improve "county buildings", it is illegal to use the funds to improve private property. Even dumb Dorn knows this, but, never let the facts get in the way of a chance to grandstand again. He even voted for the bond issue which clearly states "county buildings". Neither of these properties are owned by the county.

Chairman Campbell should have pulled both items from the agenda before releasing it.

But let's look at the two community centers Dorn is focusing on. The Colliers Community Center is already on track to be submitted for funds to repair the building during the upcoming budget process by Councilman Rodney Ashcraft who represents the area, not Dorn. Funds are allowed to be allocated to a non-profit if they are listed as a line item in the budget which will be discuss after the first of the year.

Ashcraft is submitting the Colliers Community Center for funding because the location is used as a polling place for elections at no charge to the county. That is a proper and legal request and will be placed on the agenda at the proper time, according to Ashcraft. That request will have to include a letter from the group requesting the funding and making their records available for review if the county so deems it necessary.

The Macedonia Community Center, or "The Center", as it is commonly referred to, has not been used by the county nor has the true ownership been established. It is used by the Edgefield County Democrat Party for meetings.  It is notorious for the number of shootings and crimes that have taken place at the location for years until it was finally shut down by the Edgefield Police and the town due to the violence that was taking place there.

Just one of many reports of the "Center" can be found here. There are many more available.

I have no doubt that Mr. Dorn will claim that not illegally funding the "Center" will be somehow claimed as racist. Such a discussion should not be allowed in the county council meetings as it is beneath the integrity of the council and the public attending the meetings to be informed citizens on the actions of their county government.

Chairman Campbell is well aware of the facts presented above concerning the two agenda items, if not, he has no place being chairman. To allow Dorn to place the illegal funding requests on the agenda for the meeting serves only to give him yet another platform to spout his ignorance and waste the time of the council, public officials, and the public who are tired of Dorn's ignorant rantings drawing out the meetings for no other reason than to hear himself spew his garbage.

Where is leadership when we need it?


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