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Let's Try Obamanomics: Everyone is Equal

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 12, 2011

COLUMN – Though obviously a lesson in futility, let's say that we make Obama a king for his last year in office and he confiscates all the wealth in the country and then "redistributes the wealth" to make all thinks "fair". Great idea isn't it? We can all finally stick it those mean old rich people and make them "pay their fair share" (obviously those few people earning in the top "1%" are paying 38% of all taxes collected isn't "fair" enough)

So, by decree of king Obama every bank account, every investment portfolio, every retirement account, every single dollar is confiscated. And, let's just try to imagine that Obama would not single out his cronies for special treatment - I know it laughable, but then every single person is given their equally divided "fair share" of the wealth in America.

Wait, if we are going to redistribute wealth we cannot forget about debts too. After all, someone's debt has to be paid off and so wiping out everyone's debt will be taken from the pool of "national wealth" that has been seized before it is redistributed.

So the poor are a lot richer, the rich are a lot poorer, and the middle class gets a boost as well.

Sound's great doesn't it? Utopia at last!

But, then comes the next day and people return to work to find the companies have all closed. Those mean old rich people just shut the doors and now you don't have a job. How could they do that?

Well, since Obamanomics was imposed those mean old rich people aren't rich anymore and they can't afford to run their companies, plants, or manufacturing operations. The same goes for grocery stores and gas stations. Unemployment sky rockets to 80%. But it is okay, because everybody has the same amount of money.

Next the farmers go down. Who is going to pick the crops when the worker just got handed all this money they didn't earn?  The cost of food goes up as well, but, hey, you have plenty of money so you are not worried. The government made it all fair.

On the other hand, the drug dealers, now flush with cash, expand their businesses and pick up some of the unemployed to help sell their illegal drugs on the street. Pimps are hiring prostitutes at a record pace and the bars are doing great, until the beer runs out because those greedy rich capitalists running the breweries had to close because they didn't have the money to operate anymore eaither.

Car sales get a great boost, until the cars run out for the same reason.

Now, after this doomed experiment is over and Obama is dethroned, a decade passes and slowly businesses start to return. Corporations being to sprout anew. Farmers get back to work and life gets back to normal. And, in the end, the rich will be rich again because they make the right decisions, the poor are poor again because they make the wrong decisions, and we are right back where we started.     

So for anyone who wants to buy into Obama's class warfare campaign of "fair share" and "tax the rich" and "redistribution of wealth" - In the words of Ron White, "You just can't fix stupid."
Don't be stupid.

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