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Government Creates the Formula for Mass Shootings

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 15, 2012

COLUMN – Before the bodies of the 20 children and 8 adults killed in the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut on Friday were cold the media and lawmakers were clamoring for gun bans and "gun control". "There has to be a way to stop these mass shootings," many say. There is, and it is gun control, but not the kind you may be thinking of. The fact is it is lawmakers and the left that creates the key ingredient for mass shooting to take place, "gun free zones".

I, like any other human being, am saddened and grieve for the children, their parents, friends and loved ones in this tragic event. In spite of the natural pull on your emotions, one must still remain rational. The guns did not kill these children and adults, 20-year-old Adam Lanza did.

Because of "safety concerns" government has imposed "gun free zones" such as schools, malls, theaters, and the like. So when a madman wants to go on a shooting rampage, government has provided the perfect locations to choose from. Places where no one obeying the law has a gun. Your government has left you and your children as sitting ducks for a madman.

Think about the recent mass shootings; on Friday a school, before that a mall, before that a theatre. All places where legal gun owners, including those with concealed carry permits (meaning they not only have a gun but know how to use it), are left unarmed when the shooter appears.

You never hear of a mass shooting at NRA events, gun shows, shooting ranges and other events where there are more guns than people in most cases. Why? Because there are people with guns everywhere. A madman might be able to fire one, maybe two, rounds before he would have more holes in him than Swiss cheese by lawful gun owners.

These type shootings are because government made sure that no one at the school had a gun, and the lack of even one gun, made this shooting possible. The lack of guns is the problem, not guns in general.

Imagine if a teacher or the principal had a pistol and ignored the law. Imagine if every teacher and every administrator had a gun. Just how far would Lanza get in his planned shooting spree? Maybe one or two deaths reported - including that of Lanza.

The same would be the reality in the other recent mass shootings.

But let's take the Democrats approach, let's ban all guns. The mass killings would end, according to the left, and Americans would all be sitting ducks for the next madman who does not obey laws in the first place.

In China, a knife wielding madman attacked and stabbed at least 22 children in an elementary school on Thursday. Shall we ban knives as well?

Don't forget, OJ used a knife to kill Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

I grew up during the 60's and 70's, long before "gun free zones". I, as well as many of my classmates, drove a truck to school. In that truck was a gun rack with at least one gun in the rack. In my case it was two, a Remington Model 700 30.06 rifle and a Remington Model 1100 12 gauge pump shotgun, but only during deer and dove season. On my hip was a 3 1/2 inch folding Buck knife.

No one ever got shot and no one ever got stabbed.

As Robert A. Heinlein said accurately, “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

This brings me to my final topic, the 2nd Amendment. Any student of history, which should be everyone who made it through high school before the liberals in government took control, can tell you that the 2nd Amendment was not placed in our Constitution for hunting or deer hunting. It was not placed there for individual protection from criminals.

The 2nd Amendments was drafted to make sure that Americans were armed in the event the federal government created by the constitution grew too large and became a tyranny. While gun ownership does allow individuals to protect themselves from harm or crime, the main purpose was to give the people the ability to protect themselves against the government.

The fourth "check and balance" of our Republic. 

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