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Why The Left is Bonkers Over Phil Robinson's Remarks

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 23, 2013

COLUMN All last week and over the weekend the media and the radical leftist agenda they drive was awash with condemnation for Robinson's "vile" and "vulgar" comments about homosexuality. Robinson and his entire family, the stars of Duck Dynasty - the biggest hit in cable history - are very religious people. What he stated was his belief in the Bible and that he believes that we should all love one another, but that the Bible says homosexuality is a "sin".  Jesus said so.

Two of those last five words is what toppled the apple cart and sent the media and homosexual groups going apoplectic and demanding he be silenced and fire. What two words has the power? Sin and Jesus, they hate both, and using them together is even worse.

The reason they hate hearing those words is because Jesus convicts the soul of every man woman and child on the planet. He does so because of the power of His name Simply hearing the name Jesus makes us all know that we are sinners. As Christians, we know that and that is the reason Christians accept Jesus as their Lord to seek forgiveness and try to live their lives by His teachings.

However, the leftists groups and the media do not know Jesus. And they sure are not going to let some Christian call them sinful. They know no god other than their god of liberalism, which I believe is a mental disorder. To them there is no sin. If it feels good, do it.

Homosexual "marriage", or just shacking up, go for it. Drugs, hey, if it feels good do it. More than one wife? Sure, in fact TLC already has a show called "Sister Wives" about a man with four wives. They're starting a new show with a man that has five wives.

I am so glad the argument against "gay marriage" has shown to be true when the "slippery slope" of multiple partners was stated would in fact be coming behind allowing same sex "couples" to "marry". Phooey they said at the time and now cable shows are dedicated to having multiple wives.

The reality is, Christians admit to being sinners. The left thinks if you tell them they are sinful -  why they are the ones who react with the vile and vulgar name calling and even wishing death on the person who calls homosexuality a sin because Jesus said so. 

That wonderful "tolerant" left - the most intolerant of people on this earth next to radical Muslims - show why the hate the name of Jesus every time His name is mentioned. It proves they too are sinners, and without Jesus, they have no hope. But they love their sins and reject Jesus.

Phil Robinson did not convict or condem anyone of their sinful ways. The Bible does that. He just wanted people to turn from their sin and accept Jesus. What a "vile" and "vulgar" thing to do.

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