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Obama Wants More Debt: Again

A Column by the Editor
web posted December 28, 2011

COLUMN – President Obama will ask Congress to add another $1.2 Trillion in new debt, which stands at a record $15.2 Trillion and is a fifty per cent increase in the debt when he took office. Mr. "Hope and Change" stated after taking office he would cut the more than $1 Trillion deficit in half before the end of his first term in office and instead tripled it. In other words, he lied.

You would not know this from the media as they point to the Republicans being the ones holding up "progress" for the first three years of Obama's failed administration, but they have been in control of the house for less than a year and have no control over the Senate.

Of course, we can't forget it is all "Bush's fault", as the Democrats and their media minions like to remind everyone. However, when President Bush left office there was just shy of $11 Trillion in debt a $500 Billion plus deficient - and that included two wars and the bank bailouts.

Obama has now spent an additional $5 Trillion in less than three years with the "stimulus", which was nothing more than payoffs to unions and Democrat contributors, and Obamacare being shoved down the taxpayers throats adding additional debt - and it hasn't even kicked in with all of its new taxes and regulations which will drive healthcare through the roof.

Do not forget that Obama and the Democrats have failed to pass a budget, which they are constitutionally required to do, since Obama took office but the spending keeps going up. When Republicans try to curb the spending and make real cuts to lower the debt they are "obstructionists" and want to take away social security and medicare. Which even the left leaning pundits stated was the "Biggest Lie of 2011".

Remember again, Obama and the Democrats rammed 90% of this spending through with a solid filibuster proof Democrat majority in both houses of Congress during his first two years in office. Hardy any fault of Republican "obstructionists".

Obama will get his increase in debt with very little attention from the "national news networks". They will be continuing their fight to malign all Republican candidates for President and ignore the failure of Obama's direction for our nation which is more debt, more control, more taxes, more regulation, and more payouts to Democrat donors with failed companies like Solyndra who raked in half a billion dollars when Obama knew it was going to collapse before the loan.

The Obama administration even reworked the "loan" just before the collapse to protect the owners and putting the taxpayers last in line meaning we all get to pick up the debt.

What a guy!

Since Obama cannot run on his record he will run a full blown class warfare campaign and blame everything on the TEA Party Republican freshman in the House as a "do nothing" Congress. Of course, the "media" will be more than happy to oblige, conveniently forgetting that the reason we are in this mess is because of Obama and the Democrats ramming uncontrolled spending to record levels during his first two years in office.

The historic revolt of November 2010, in their eyes, was just a fluke. The American people just aren't smart enough to see the brilliance of Obama. They will also ignore he has gone from "Hope and Change" to "Divide and Conquer".

All from the Chosen One who was going to "unite" the country and the politics of personal destruction.

No, we are smart enough and Obama isn't that smart, he is simply incompetent. 2012 will prove him to be the worst president ever. And ending up behind Jimmy Carter is a pretty bad place to be.   

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